Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Losercrats in Congress: Don't blame us.

If this were a Republicans, Barney Frank would quickly be yelling about hypocrisy and he would call on the Republican to resign.  Nancy Pelosi would be screaming about the need to retake congress to drain the swamp.  But this is a Democrat who was impeached and removed from the federal bench and yet the people of his district elected him - despite his illegal behavior.  And they wonder why Republicans would re-elect any official.  Because Republicans are not the sludge at the bottom of the pond - Democrats are.  Republicans are something else, but to re-elect these people or even to elect them after what they are convicted of, says more about the constituents.  People who should never have been given the right to vote.

Florida Democrat Faces Sexual Harassment Inquiry

Office of Congressional Ethics investigates Alcee Hastings

 By Kevin Spak, Newser Staff
Jun 22, 2011

(Newser) – The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating allegations that Democrat Alcee Hastings sexually harassed a staffer on a panel he chaired, the Wall Street Journal reports. The investigation began at least a month ago, when the conservative group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on behalf of Republican staffer Winsome Packer, who says Hastings made “unwelcome sexual advances” on her, including “unwelcome touching.” She also says Hastings retaliated when she tried to report it.

Asked for comment on the investigation, Hastings replied, “It would be impossible for me in a paragraph or a page or two or a tome or volumes one and two to help you understand the dynamics of these events.” But a spokesman clarified that he “in the strongest terms, denies the charges.” When the lawsuit was first filed, Hastings called the allegations “ludicrous” and promised he’d win, saying, “In a race with a lie, the truth always wins.” This is not Hastings' first rumble with Congress: While serving as a federal judge he was impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate on bribery charges and removed from the federal bench in 1989—and went on to win an election to the House three years later.


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