Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mexico: Nothing unusual

Not their fault.  It's all the norte americanos fault for wanting drugs.  We have corrupted those poor unfortunate people.

Let's just agree - US buyers contribute.  However - had they (Americans) not been tempted with the drugs, 'those' people would not have been corrupted (Mexican army and police) -- such a statement belies the racism inherent in such a statement, yet it is made all too often by the defenders of the corrupted army, police, and government of Mexico.

Mexico arrests police chief, soldiers for gang ties

Jun 1, 2011

Mexican authorities said that they had arrested a group of 25 people, including a local police chief and nine soldiers, for suspected ties to the notorious Zetas drug cartel.

The members of the Mexican security forces, detained over two days in the central Hidalgo state, were allegedly protecting Zetas members, said Damian Canales, the state's top public safety official.

The arrests were made near the northern state of Tamaulipas, where 183 bodies were found in mass graves in April and where 72 Central and South American migrants were massacred last year, both incidents blamed on the Zetas.

Mexico has seen an explosion in drug-related violence which has left some 37,000 dead, according to media reports, since the government launched a military crackdown on organized crime in 2006.


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