Monday, June 20, 2011

Croatia, the EU, and Extradition

This is an interesting article and says more about behind the scenes negotiations than the stated issues of the case.  What reason could possibly lure a former political figure to forgo appeals and accept extradition and a trial and a determination of guilt by a jury in his country?  He will go to prison so what could he possibly get out of this to warrant the whole process ending now?  

Speculation is fine because it is probably not even close.  : )


Holly Fox
Former Croatian PM gives up extradition appeal for sake of EU accession

Gro├čansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Sanader abruptly resigned in 2009 with no explanationHeld in Austria since last year, Croatia's ex-prime minister, Ivo Sanader, is now set to face corruption charges in his home country after abandoning an appeal against his extradition.

Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader has dropped his appeal against an extradition request from Zagreb. This clears the way for his transfer from Austria, where he is being held, to Croatia to face corruption charges.

Sanader was arrested on an Austrian highway last December, one day after the Croatian parliament lifted his immunity from prosecution.

The 57-year-old was prime minister from 2003 until his surprise resignation in 2009. He is alleged to have abused the power of his office and to have been behind a plan to funnel millions of euros of state money into a slush fund for his conservative HDZ party.

Croatia's tough approach to the former leader has been seen as acceptance of demands by the European Union for more transparency. Sanader's successor, Jadranka Kosor, has stepped up an anti-corruption campaign. Croatia is expected to complete EU accession talks within days and officially join the bloc in 2013.

Sanader's lawyers said that speculation in the Croatian media that his appeal process could cause problems for the accession process prompted him give up the appeal.


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