Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potpourri of Random Stuff

A sign things are getting bad - eagles, protected birds, and in California, the animal rights protection people, guard the safety of these birds vociferously.  Except from wind turbines - those eco-friendly things that save the world.  The eagles are being killed off, soon to go on the near extinct list.

In England - the IMF has told the government, CUT TAXES.  Amazing.  An outside entity telling a government to lower taxes (or raise them).  It 1) tells us how high they are in Britain (very), 2) how bad off Britain is financially.   Greece and Ireland took the plunge, Portugal followed, Austria is following up, Spain is about to fall over, and apparently ... England is on the horizon.

Libya - remember when it all started.  Obama told us 'days, not weeks' and weeks have turned into months and we are still there, for what reason I seriously do not know.  I supported Iraq and Afghanistan because there were serious issues in both.  Kadahfi had given up his nuclear and biological weapons to George W Bush after Bush told the world we would come and find you wherever you hid (if you had weapons of mass destruction), and Kadaffi called Bush up and asked him to come by and take his WMDs.  So why we are in Libya is truly beyond me.  It isn't that Kadaffi is a bad man, for all we need do is look at Robert Mugabe for a BAD man, and we are not invading Botswana or Congo or ...   And the cost is now hundreds of millions.


And health coverage - Firms to cut health plans as reform starts - 30% of companies say they’ll stop offering coverage. 

Brilliant.  More unemployed and more uninsured.

Bigger and bigger government health care. 

I am at a loss.


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