Monday, June 20, 2011

Pakistan: Some cultures are simply not worth tolerating

And those who use children as bombs need to be erased from our collective.  They are vile and despicable regardless of anything else.


Girl, nine, used as human bomb

Monday June 20 2011

A girl of nine has told how she escaped Pakistani terrorists who tried to use her as a human bomb.

Sohana Jawed said she was kidnapped on her way to school in Peshawar, and forced to wear a remotely-controlled suicide jacket. But she escaped her captors as they prepared to send her towards a paramilitary checkpoint.

Sohana, wearing her a blue and white school uniform, recounted her ordeal during a news conference with police in Lower Dir district. Militants in Pakistan have often used young boys to carry out attacks, but the use of young girls is rare.

Sohana said she was going to school on Saturday when she was grabbed by two women and forced into a car carrying two men. One of the kidnappers put a handkerchief on her mouth that knocked her unconscious, she said in an interview with a local TV station.

"This morning, the women and men forced me to put on the heavy jacket and put me in the car again," said Sohana.

The suicide jacket contained nearly 20lbs of explosives and seemed to be designed to be set off remotely, Lower Dir police chief Salim Marwat said.

"Most likely it had to be detonated through a remote control since a minor was wearing it," he said.

The kidnappers took her to a checkpoint run by the paramilitary Frontier Corps about six miles outside Timergarah, the main town in Lower Dir district. When they got out of the car, she sprinted toward the soldiers to show them what she was wearing, said Mr Marwat.

By the time the paramilitary soldiers realised what was happening, the kidnappers had escaped, he said.
[Doubtful they took long realizing - these are the same troops who nebver knew bin Laden was in Pakistan - which means it could have been several hours later]


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