Saturday, April 3, 2010

Justice: UK Style

Interesting view on justice.  Naturally states that do not have the death penalty are more civilized than the US with its death penalty.  Naturally.

Bulger Killer Venables 'Faces Year In Jail'

10:54am UK, Friday April 02, 2010
Andy Winter, Sky News Online

James Bulger's killer Jon Venables could stay in jail for up to a year - even if he is not convicted of any alleged new offences, it has been claimed.

Venables, who was found guilty along with Robert Thompson of murdering the toddler on Merseyside in 1993, was recalled to prison last month.

The Parole Board confirmed it has received papers relating to the recall from the Ministry of Justice and will decide whether the killer, now 27, should remain behind bars.

But that decision - which will be made by a three-person panel - could take as long as a year.

Sky News' Jane Dougall said: "The panel needs to be convened, the police need to finish their investigation and Venables may need a further identity because his cover has been compromised.

"Under new rules, the parents of James Bulger could also read a victim impact statement to the Parole Board.

"Denise Fergus (James' mother) has been adamant that neither of her son's killers should ever have been released."

Legal expert Ian Caplin told Sky News the Parole Board was "sitting as a kind of court".

"Given the history of Venables, the Parole Board will look very carefully at the medical evidence of the risk of re-releasing him to the public," he said.

"Venables will be able to make written and oral representations during the proceedings - it won't just be decided in the normal course of a few weeks."

In a statement, the Parole Board said it "will now start the process of reviewing this case".

It added: "We are not able to set a timescale on the review - but will confirm when it has been concluded."

Justice Secretary Jack Straw has refused to elaborate on Venables' alleged new offences except to confirm they were "extremely serious allegations".

According to reports, Venables - who was 10 when he beat toddler James to death in Bootle - was being investigated by police over claims he viewed child pornography.

The Parole Board hearing is separate to the police probe.

Venables and Thompson were released with secret identities in 2001 having served eight years.

They are on life licence, meaning they can be brought back to prison at any time if they re-offend or if they are thought to pose a threat to the public.


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