Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wacky People

Proving that while the rest of the world is totally messed up, we have serious wankers here as well.

Judgmental?  A bit, but it is accurate.

Although as I read this, I was struck by something ... this woman only had a daughter.  She probably developed some love for cats or birds without any family, and may even be leaving her home, however large or small, probably worth $60-80k plus a small life insurance policy of say, maybe $50k, all to the birds.  Along comes a grandson, ready to say hi and I am your relative, gotta go ... until he puts all the pieces together - lots of money if I just stick it out for at most 10 years.  In fact, don't even need to wait that long - can leave anytime and come back for the estate when she dies, as it would ne necessary for the child, not the birds.

In the meantime, this grandson has a girlfriend, oh, say, maybe her name is Roxanne, and he tells her his plan.  There is no surrogate part - he gets Roxanne pregnant, it is their kid, and we pass it off as grannies.  Roxanne of course will never go far away because she will feel some love for the child, allowing her to remain in the babies life, even while the pretense is going on between grannie and her grandson.

Roxanne accepts it - even if they wait 10 years, it is still a lot of money by Indiana's standards, for doing nothing ... besides, she will be with grandson every chance possible.  Plus, who knows, maybe grannie told grandson she only has five years left to live or some other such story ... and Roxanne is an older woman!!

Will we ever know?  We may find out after grannie has passed on to the great trailer in the sky that grandson suddely is attracted to the babies mother and they find they have a lot in common ....

I'm in love with my grandson - and we're having a baby!

30 Apr 2010

A 72-YEAR-OLD granny is having an incestuous affair with her own GRANDSON — and the pair are set to have a BABY, according to reports.

Grey-haired Pearl Carter has allegedly began a bizarre relationship with her 26-year-old grandchild Phil Bailey.

Pearl, from Indiana, is now using her pension to pay $54,000 (£35,000) to a surrogate mother so they can have a child, say reports in New Idea magazine in New Zealand.

Pearl said: "I'm not interested in anyone else's opinion. I am in love with Phil and he's in love with me. Soon I'll be holding my son or daughter in my arms and Phil will be the proud dad."

The story has swept the internet.

But doubts have been raised by internet bloggers because of the lack of detail.


Phil is the son of Pearl's daughter Lynette Bailey — who the pensioner put up for adoption when she was just 18, the magazine reported.

When Lynette died, Phil tracked down his long lost gran — 46 years his senior — and they started their strange relationship.

Pearl told New Idea: "From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship. For the first time in years I felt sexually alive."

The pair spent their first week together shopping, bowling and eating out.

Pearl said: "I called Phil into my bedroom, sat him on the bed, and then I leant over and kissed him.

"I expected rejection but instead he kissed me back."

Phil told the magazine he had the same feelings towards Pearl.

He revealed: "I wanted to kiss her there and then. My feelings were overwhelming.

"I love Pearl with all my heart. I've always been attracted to older women and I think Pearl is gorgeous. Now I'm going to be a dad and I can't wait.

"Yes, we get laughed at and bullied when we go out and kiss in public but we don't care. You can't help who you fall for."

The pair have asked 30-year-old Roxanne Campbell to carry their child.

Pearl said: "I am finally going to be a mum and not forced to give up my child. Phil's going to be a great dad. I never in a million years thought at 72 I'd be 'pregnant' and in love with my grandson.

"I make no apologies and I believe God's given me a second chance."

Pearl says the relationship is not wrong after a friend told her about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) syndrome, which occurs when close relatives meet as adults and find they are attracted to each other.

She said: "I could now understand my feelings and realise they weren't wrong."

Pearl was 18 when she fell pregnant with daughter Lynette. She was living with her Catholic parents in Indiana and they insisted she give the baby away.

They organised a private adoption and Pearl never saw her baby girl again.

Pearl went on to marry but she never had any more children. Instead she searched for her lost daughter until finally giving up hope 15 years ago.

Phil met Pearl for the first time in 2006 after tracking her down when Lynette died from brain cancer.


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