Thursday, May 13, 2010

China: Things are out of control.

Honestly.  What is happening to the Chinese male between 30-50.  Something.  There is something wrong and it is not simply crazy people, revenge driven, angry males ... it is much more.

Yet another attack in China, on children.

School children massacred by meat cleaver in attack

By Martin Fricker 13/05/2010
The Mirror

Seven children and two teachers were hacked to death with a meat cleaver at a playschool in China yesterday.

At least 20 other pupils were injured when a crazed intruder went on the rampage - following five similar attacks at Chinese schools in the last three months.

The 48-year-old man responsible for the latest massacre, named as Wu Huanmin, went home and committed suicide, police said.

Officials said five boys and two girls, all under the age of six, were slaughtered along with two female teachers.

A nearby resident said only two children had escaped injury in the attack in the north-west Shaanxi province at 8am.

He added: "There was blood everywhere. I don't know why he did it."

The horror unfolded despite an increase in security at schools, with additional police and guards at gates, after a spate of sickening attacks which have now left 19 dead, all but three of them children.

Some police have even distributed pitchforks and pepper spray to guards in schools.

[You would think perhaps it was Frankenstein with those pitchforks being put into service!]


Education officials have blamed media reports for fuelling a spate of copycat incidents across China.

But others claim they are a form of revenge on society by people with no outlet for their anger because of strict communist controls.

Some Chinese commentators have also said the growing gap between rich and poor could be to blame.

The bloodshed began at a primary school in March where eight children were stabbed and slashed to death in Fujian province by a former doctor who was executed soon after.

Last month, a mentally ill man killed a boy and a woman outside a primary in Guangxi.

Since then, a former teacher wounded 15 students and their tutor with a knife in Leizhou, another knifeman injured 29 kindergarten pupils, two teachers and a security guard in Taixing, and then a farmer attacked five primary school children with a hammer in Weifang before burning himself to death.

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