Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pakistani Role

The area that the Dead Bin Laden was living in is a reasonably affluent community.  There are many large compounds in the area and from several reports, many military generals retire to this area when they get their suitcases full of cash from the ISI.

The compound was built in 2005 (after the war began) with defensive measures that exceed those of the area.  It is quite likely that this compound was for bin laden since 2005.  That ISI would have known, and military generals living in the area would also have had some knowledge - yet, Pakistan never revealed this to the US.  Custom built for someone like bin Laden and Pakistan didn't feel the need to inform the US, nor did the government of Pakistan deem it important enough to send in an army.

It took the US intelligence community - our CIA and SEALs to go in and remove the blight from the face of mankind and send him to hell where he can be ripped apart by Satan daily.   It is striking that their character is such they tried to hide behind a woman - believing the US would (again) let them escape.  They are to blame for the deaths of any innocents who may have died. 

It was the US who killed bin Laden, and that Pakistan played no role in bringing bin Laden to justice except to hide him from the United States.  We will pretend that Pakistan knew about our actions, that they cooperated, and we will do this in order to not shame Pakistan.

If the truth comes out, Pakistan will be seen as complicit in protecting the enemy of the United States.

And they want our money?

Not one more penny, not now, not ever.


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