Sunday, May 22, 2011

European Civility and Humanity: Enlightened and Educated. Wise beyond their eons.

The issue of life and death, and whether the state has a right to take your life - a question that does not seem to ever be resolved when discussed by reasonable people of opposing views.  Europeans, who pride themselves on how enlightened they are (saving Paris from being bombed and all that art being preserved for all time, or that they are peace loving people and do not rush into war - unless we look at the curious case of Libya which was entirely European driven and for seemingly no good reason) often raise the fact the US does have the death penalty as a measure of our humanity and civility.


Perhaps we do not make pretenses about how peaceful we are, wage war for utterly no reason that makes sense to anyone to drive out a leader who was your friend the day before (almost literally).  The rapist Frenchman who was head of the IMF - for many Frenchmen it was all set-up (unfortunately the ability of a Frenchman to examine any two pieces of information critically and arrive at a rational and logical conclusion is unknown to the French, so they prefer to muddle through and make up facts as they go - and then recreate history to conform to their peculiar belief system), he didn't do it.  I don't want to cause any capillaries to burst but that would mean the woman he assaulted was in on the conspiracy.

Further, it requires the simple Frenchman to add other rivals - anyone and everyone can become part of the conspiracy - Sarkozy for sure.  The woman who is about to become the head of the IMF would possibly be involved.  Obama - well, he seems to do what Sarkozy tells him to do (on Libya) so he may be involved which means the CIA is involved and you know what that means (that bin Laden was dead several years ago and the CIA kept him alive in spirit to allow Obama to look good).  The hospital staff where the woman he assaulted was taken would almost certainly be involved - they took DNA from her that came from the former IMF member.  As I recall, it was his body fluid removed from her that linked him to the assault conclusively.  We all know how quickly our police jump to conclusions and rush to airports to arrest foreign potentates.   This conspiracy would also require a Muslim woman to lie on behalf of governments and ideologies her belief system does not agree with nor accept.  Happens all the time - bin Laden was working with CIA, you know, for his kidney medicine and to allow Bush to become so powerful and Obama to be so popular ... 

There is a reason we should keep abortion legal in some countries.  Hopefully it weeds out these moronic idiots.

Alas, that is not the purpose for this post - rather, the point is the European idea of civility and humanity - that the death penalty is ghastly and always happens to the innocent and ... but the Europeans are so much more enlightened on the issue.  When they murder someone, they often receive 10-15 years.  Until recently, the only person charged in regard to the 9/11 attacks was in Germany and he was charged as an accessory - he received 10 or so years for the murder of 3,000 human beings.  Average worth of one human life  -1.5 days.  Very enlightened.

The story of Amanda Knox - a female living in Italy accused of killing her roommate in some twisted sex game or rape.  She was found guilty - consequently no longer accused.  She was sentenced to 26 (or 25) years for murdering Meredith Kercher.  She was not found guilty of being the single person to stab and murder Kercher, rather she was part of the murder and retrieved a knife for two others, who played the primary role, after which Knox purportedly stabbed her. 

The other two people involved - Rudy Guede and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele ­Sollecito.  Sollecito received the same length of sentence as Knox (25-26 years), while Guede received 30 years (he was also the primary actor in the killing).

Justice done.  30 years for the taking of one human life.  Except Guede had his sentence cut to 16 years. 


This is not an isolated case.


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