Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World

End of the world movies have always mesmerized the viewing audience - especially in the United States.  I am not sure whether people in Tibet watch films or care if the world ends.  In some cultures, perhaps they await the end the way some sixteen year old boys await the last day of their being a virgin.  In the United States, end of the world films are resilient - facing the test of time and financial support by viewing audiences.

Yet so often the end is merely a new beginning (2012).  Planet of the Apes is great, except the end is merely the beginning which ends where it began and begins again with humans in charge followed by Apes - a singularly circular life we cannot escape.  I am Legend - a great film, except life does exist outside the walls of New York or whatever the city.  Smith doesn't know, but eventually learns of the colony in the upstate area (in one version of the film) - again, not the end, a new beginning, with far less traffic.

Dawn of the Dead - in some ways similar to the end of I am Legend - thinking, evolving zombies ... a new beginning?  In any case, there are scores of humans alive around the world and we meet them in various other films.  Enough to repopulate at some point - a new beginning, even while you must kill off the zombies or at least await their demise from lack of brain food.

Armageddon, Deep Impact, Core - all start off as end of the world events and we are saved by heroic deeds and man continues.

Day after Tomorrow or Day After - life continues, minus 200-300 million people at most.  Earth manages fine.

Independence Day and Battle LA, Skyline, Cloverfield - potentially devastating, but the Marines will win the day and capture or kill whatever it is.  We win in each, even if 100-300 million die, mankind continues.

12 Monkeys - idiotic.

Terminator:  Requires man to survive for the film to exist.

However, there are a few films that really do take us where we fear to tread - the End of the World.

Knowing !!!  1 of 5

On the Beach !!!  2 of 5

Seventh Sign !!!   3 of 5

When Worlds Collide !!!  4 of 5

Questionable ??    The Day the Earth Caught Fire!!  Although this one is not a certainty.  5 of 5

This is it.  The End.  After watching the first 4, you'd walk the streets telling all to repent and prepare!

the end

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