Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pakistani Intellect

And we are supposed to care what other people think.  Respect what they believe?

Even when they are complete and total idiots? 

ROBBINS: Pakistanis say bin Laden was not behind 9/11

James S. Robbins
Washington Times
Published on May 9, 2011

Most people in Pakistan either think Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, or that he did and they were justified. According to a survey of Pakistanis released last Friday by YouGov, 46% believe that "Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with the [9/11] attacks" and 6% say that "Osama Bin Laden rightly authorized the attacks as part of a justified war against American values and imperialism." Only 16% were willing to say that the attacks "were a criminal, terrorist action organized by Al-Qaeda and authorized by Osama Bin Laden," while 31% chose not to offer an opinion.

Other key results from the survey include:

Two thirds of respondents do not believe the person killed in the Abbottabad raid was Osama bin Laden;

Despite Obama administration claims that bin Laden's burial at sea was in accordance with Islamic practices, 75% disapproved of it and say "he should have been given a Muslim burial on land;"

75% disapprove of U.S. actions in the takedown, while only 11% approve;

77% oppose a U.S. troop presence in Pakistan;

Despite the Obama administration's obsequious outreach to Islam, 74% believe the U.S. government does not respect Islam and considers itself at war with the Muslim world;

86% oppose Pakistan government cooperation with U.S. drone attacks on militant groups.

To their credit, 70% of Pakistanis do not believe that Islamabad should accept U.S. foreign assistance, so at least they are sincere in their dislike of our country. But it says a lot about the Obama administration's failure to deliver the promised new era of relations between Pakistan and the United States.


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