Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Of Mice and Men: Obama and Catastrophic Failures

On his watch the US has been attacked.  It was unsuccessful due to civilians, not due to any of the policies he has left intact or enacted, and contrary to Janet Napolitano - the system DID NOT WORK ... passengers should not have to take offensive action against jihadists, and had they not ... boom.  The system did not work Janet, you moronic imbecile.  If we recall back to Katrina - liberals attacked Bush and FEMA for being out of touch, for not taking action, and the action they did take was ... well, not quite adequate.

Janet rushed on television and told the country 'the systyem worked' ... she forgot some things.  For the Islamic jihadist to get from Lagos to Detroit would have cost him, according to the airline he flew on, about $3600.00.  In Nigeria, their currency is called the naira.  Currency conversion would bring the total cost of the flight to about 557,000.00 naira.  In a country where the average person brings home $2300.00 US per year, this guy, without his family helping him, paid for a ticket in cash (557,000 naira).  And she says the system worked.  HA.

Under Bush, we were never attacked after 9/11, even though they tried many times - many of these attempts documented over the years, sometimes long after (as in the case of the British trials of several terrorists for attempts to blow up several airliners at the same time, over the sea).

Under Bush, liberals said, no attack occurred because none were coming - he had fabricated and exaggerated the reality and played on our fears.

Now we have been attacked and we have learned there are many more waiting - we have heard from al qaida in Arabia, they have claimed credit and said many more are awaiting orders.  We have heard from the Yemeni government, informing us there are several hundred al qaida in Yemen planning attacks.  We have read the stories in the English papers of more than two dozen al qaida returning to Britain from terrorist training camps - I would assume, with plans.

The threat has always been real, except in the minds of the leftist fringe who have utterly no concept of reality. 

It is under the current administration the failures have occurred.  Just as Bush was blamed by the left for all sorts of silliness, then the left should own up to Obama's failures.

And we will be attacked again, the hour is fast approaching, and Obama will be as lost on what to do about it as he is about most everything else.  And they will not fail every time, which means Americans will die because the threat is very real, and has always been real.


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