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African Countries DEMAND the US pay them for Global Warming!

I have no problem paying the $700 billion demanded by African countries.  None.  And I believe we should write out the check, just as soon as they pay for all the free AIDS medication the US has given them, at the value it is sold in the US.  I believe we should pay them the $700 billion, as soon as they pay for all the benefits reaped from the technology developed by Americans and the United States.  This last point will take some time, but I believe if we use Deloitte and Touche, Pricewaterhouse, and Ernst and Young, we can get a reasonable figure within a month or two.

We will figure out all the developments and technology developed by and in the United States for the last fifty years, and a value will be attached based on a consensus of the companies involved, and we will extrapolate a little, and arrive at a figure.  As soon as we arrive at that figure and we are paid by the African countries, we will have the $700 billion check delivered within 48 hours.

Oh, and as soon as all the loans we have given, including those of a foregiveable nature, are all re-paid, we will get the check to them within 48 hours.  I understand that we would be reneging on a foregiveable loan, but they can hardly claim they are unable to pay the loan given the windfall lotto they would be receiving within 48 hours, and I think it only fair if they contributed what they are obliged by contract and by honor to repay.

As soon as we get re-paid, and send out the $700 billion check, we should have enough left to cover Mr. Obama's health care charade without raising anyones taxes (we may even have enough to pay for Nancy Pelosi's flower bill for the next year until she gets her pink slip).

Copenhagen Climate conferenc, global warming, Obama, United NationsAfrica Demands US Pay $722B for Global Warming “Damage”

13 December 2009
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The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is in free-falling, cluster-clucking chaos.

Out of the cacophony of contradictory claims, threats and outright violence, may come a disastrous transfer of wealth from rich to poor countries, and a set of environmental rules which will hamstring businesses.

Six days of meetings in Copenhagen have served mainly to increase tensions between “haves” and “have-nots of the world, and to deny the obvious fraud in the underlying premise for the conference.

This United Nations conference on so-called “Climate Change” is actually marking the histrionic end to 20 years of a leftist global warming theory, but noone there will admit it. If the Third World countries can keep pushing for one more week, they may cash in the biggest transfer of wealth from the industrialized world to the dusty world in history.

President Obama will arrive in Copenhagen in a few days. He has still not indicated whether he will sign a long-term treaty which force American taxpayers to pay billions of dollars of “reparations” to Third World countries. Why not? And why isn’t anyone asking him?

In the meantime, the “mainstream” media are studiously ignoring facts which don’t fit the liberal agenda:

Between 50,000 and 100,000 protestors threw bricks and broke windows on the streets of Copenhagen in a demonstration of support for a climate change treaty. Nearly 1,000 are jailed.

Fifty African nations have just issued an eye-popping demand for global warming reparations from rich industrialized countries, an outrageous demand which has received virutally no coverage whatsoever in major newspapers around the world.

The climate change conference website reports: The 50 African countries were requesting $400B in climate change aid from 2010-2012. Now they want 5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the U.S., Australia, Japan and the European union.

“Five percent of the United States’ GDP alone amounts to 722 billion US dollars (2008 figures). In comparison, the EU has calculated the developing countries’ total need for climate funding to 130 billion dollars (100 billion euro) annually by 2020.”

The United Nations had estimated the poor countries would need $10 B over the next 3 years for climate reparations.

In stark contrast to the thuggery of the Third World news conferences, and to the admissions by the European Union that more aid will be forthcoming, the American negotiator arriving in Copenhagen in advance of the President’s arrival says there will be NO reparations paid to the foreign countries.

The recent release of emails from the leading “climate change” agency in the world shows scientists changed data to conform with their theory that world temperatures have been drastically rising in the past 10 years due to carbon emissions caused by oil and coal burning, refused to turn over their source data for review, and censored skeptical scientists who questioned them.

“Experts” at the climate change summit this week deny that fraud has occurred.

The London Daily Mail has an exclusive report today that shows the leaked emails on global warming fraud were fed through a computer server in Russia, and its review of the emails shows graphs which have been used for years to depict the steep upward rise in Earth’s temperature were “doctored.”

Associated Press has just released its “fact-checking” reports on the emails and declares that even though scientists admitted “fudging” facts, they didn’t make up any new facts.

United Nations security guards threatened a cameraman and a reporter who were trying to ask Stanford professor “inconvenient questions” about the leaked emails during a Copenhagen conference meeting.

Lord Christopher Monckton, of the Science and Public Policy Institute, a leading global warming skeptic, led his own group of 60 experts to Copenhagen to hold their own “counter” summit. He issued this video clip of his comments in advance, which is a complete summation of the “leaked” emails.

Monckton names each scientist quoted in the documents, and who is responsible for the 20-year fraud of global warming.

Incredible pressure is being exerted to dismiss any news about the 20-year fraud of global warming being perpetrated on the world. What may happen in the next few days, with the arrival of the American president and other world leaders, will potentially drain the wealth of the workers and businesses in the working world.

The U.S. Congress has just raised the debt ceiling by another trillion dollars in the past 24 hours. Does this mean that Barack Obama has another “stash” of cash for a Third World bailout—-to go along with the banks, the car industry and the insurance companies?

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