Monday, June 15, 2009

Webpages Again

Some things are more typically male than female (lack of attention to detail), while others are more typically female.

Webpages for example.

We all have our idiosyncrasies, but guys are more likely to bookmark a webpage - say, a sports site, or news page, or some item they really want - say a boat or car.

Females however are more finicky - mostly.

Take, for example, someone who visits a website regularly - maybe 2 times per day, or maybe just 5 times per week, but they never bookmark the site. THAT is peculiarly a female behavior.

It is possible the visitor is a male, but would, if I am correct, have peculiarly female behaviors - at least when it comes to webpages.

The psyche of a person who refuses - time after time after time after time, month after month after ... turns into a drama itself, rather than the news story or the opinion - it is the behavior that becomes the story.

Females would rather show distance - 'I am not interested at all, and if I do call you once it doesn't mean anything because I never wrote your number down.' Versus someone who calls every day yet says 'I refuse to write your number down because it is simply not that important' ... typically very female. males would bookmark the site and not bother with the deeper psychological issues, we simply do not care enough.

The female likes to make a point, even if, while making the point, she is clearly showing how irrational she really is, when she isn't pretending to not care.

I find it as brilliantly hilarious as I find the looney left and their current star - Abu Jandal. Funny, hilariously amusing, rolling on the floor laughing ... We human beings are not that complicated to figure out, but we do try to pretend we are. And in true male style, it isn't that big of an issue - but for the occasions it is brought to my attention and I spend a few moments thinking about it. Like most guys, I just don't care enough to worry, but it is none the less funny.


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