Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama: Job Creation or Just Numbers

He will make 5 million jobs, no, make it 4 million, although 6 million is possible, but it could be 3 million, although we will work to produce 5 million at least although maybe only 2 million, and if we are lucky we could reach 1 million, unless we get really lucky and it will be close to 2 million. There is always the possibility it is less than expected - perhaps close to 500,000 may be a more certain figure.

The real issue is - a certain number of jobs are created regardless of any input from a government or stimulus. They are auto-created. We can count about 1-2 million without any input. Any less, someone tampered with the auto-create button. Any more - someone tampered in a positive way. Those are NET gain, not simply replacing.

The Obama numbers are not NET .... they are total (gross) minus any reductions due to loss of jobs.

Ah heck, just pull a number out of the hat and promise to create more.

Obama - Winging it on almost every issue

Team Obama was winging it when it declared the stimulus would "save or create" 2.5 million, then three million, then 3.7 million, and then four million new jobs. These were arbitrary and erratic numbers, and they knew there's no way to count "saved" jobs. Americans, being commonsensical, will focus on Mr. Obama's promise to "create" jobs. It's highly unlikely that more than 180,000 jobs will be created each month by the end of next year. The precise, state-by-state job numbers the administration used to sell the stimulus are likely to come back to haunt them as well.


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