Thursday, February 5, 2009

Democrats, Losercrats and Bipartisanship

Reid and Schumer - you speak of bipartisanship ... you are wrangling the term a little too loosely ... You don't care if Republicans are on board - you will steam roll over them. YOU are not bipartisan - you will do it without them.

Sirs - the day will come when Republicans take back the House and Senate and you are ignored. Then you will call out for bipartisanship ... now you call out for it even if you are not interested in bipartisanship - clearly you aren't when you say it doesn't matter anyway.

Good. You can do it right now. Until next time. Then, I hope you remember why your office is in the corner and you have a custodian's closet to store your umbrellas in.

You are such bloody hypocrites.

Reid Says Dems Have Votes to Pass Stimulus
Bill Continues to Grow Despite Senators' Efforts to Eliminate Excess

Feb. 5, 2009—

Democratic Senate leaders said this afternoon that they have the votes to pass the stimulus bill and suggested they have little interest in making further changes to win more Republican support.

"Has bipartisanship failed?" asked Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. "So far it's not working, but it takes two to tango and so far the Republicans aren't dancing. The hard right has a stranglehold on most of the Republicans."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told reporters he has the votes -- with no further changes -- to pass the economic stimulus bill.

"We believe we do" have the votes, Reid said. "We believe we can find two Republicans of goodwill to do the right thing for their country."

Reid also said he believes all 58 Democrats will vote for the bill. With the addition of two Republicans, he would have the 60 votes needed to pass the measure.

A final Senate vote on the stimulus bill is possible tonight.

Meantime, moderate senators have been meeting today to "scrub" wasteful spending from the bill. Reid said he is happy to talk to those senators, but doesn't feel compelled to support their cuts.

"The question is: Do they work in an effort to strengthen the bill or destroy the bill?" Reid said.
Schumer also suggested it is irrelevant whether the bill gets more Republican support.

He said that three months from now, "it will vanish in the wind how many votes we got, as long as we pass it."

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