Friday, April 6, 2012

Obama and the Road to Recovery

Obama warns of 'ups and downs' in job market

Apr. 6, 2012 - President Obama is warning that the U.S. job market will still face "ups and downs" despite news Friday that the economy added 120,000 jobs last month. Obama spoke Friday at a White House forum focused on the role of women in the economy.(/The Associated Press) 

Mr. Obama, do you honestly believe the rhetoric you spit at us?  You and your Vice President lectured us about the Summer of Recovery or Recovery Summer back in 2009.  Nothing recovered.

You lectured us about the need to implement all your policies and increases spending programs to ensure recovery ... and all those spending plans went through and we have no recovery.

You lecture about how America is not better or more unique than anyone else, we are all the same in terms of greatness, and then you wag your finger at American businesses and lecture them about hiring.

Do you honestly believe the verbiage that spills from your mouth, or do you not care.

Your spending has failed.  Your policies have failed.  Your actions have put us in the most dire of economic situations.  All that blame thrown on Bush - Mr. Obama, you make what Bush did seem like beginners luck.  You took the debt to a whole new level and then threw it out the window with your other proposals that would dump another couple trillion on top of that debt.

You sir, do not deserve a second term.  In fact, you deserve to leave as soon as is possible and not one second longer.  We cannot afford another second.

Our road to recovery will begin when you exit the White House.


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