Friday, April 6, 2012

Egypt: A big step backward toward darkness

From December 1914 until 1917, Hussein Kamel ruled Egypt.  The three year period was the English Protectorate during World War I.  In 1917, Fuad I became King of Egypt.  He remained on the throne until 1936.  His son Farouk followed and he remained on the throne until 1956 when Gamil Nasser deposed him.  From 1914 until 1956, we have men placed on the throne who were more disposed toward the English than toward Mecca.  They may have been very good Muslims but they were Western-looking not Mecca-looking.

Prior to 1914, Abbas II ruled from 1892 until 1914 - nominally in charge, but again with British oversight and involvement by the Ottoman Empire.  Not religious to any serious degree as understood today.  From 1879 to 1892, Tewfik, father of Abbas II ruled.  Tewfik was generally Western in his outlook, devoting much attention to educational and legal reforms.

From 1879 through 1956, a Western government has been in control in Egypt.  Over 70 years of Western thought and ideas directing Egyptian policy.  Then in 1956, Gamil Nasser and other military officers, staged a coup, deposed the King and seized power.  While there was a confrontation in Egypt, it was between East and West, not between Western and Islamic.  Nasser toyed with the West and with the Soviets and was regardless of all else, Western in his outlook.  Nasser was removed by Sadat who signed a peace agreement with Israel (after a war that went badly for Egypt).  Despite his confrontations with Israel, Egypt was still very much Western in its outlook.  Sadat was murdered in 1981 by the Muslim Brotherhood, members of which went on to join up with al qaida.

Hosni Mubarek took control when Sadat was murdered and maintained control through 2011.  Then came the Arab Spring, which is wrongly named, and was in fact not run by peace-demonstrators, nor by reformers, but was fronted by stooges who would never gain power even though the west was fooled into believing they actually were in charge. 

The power in Egypt then and now is the Muslim Brotherhood.  We pushed for Mubarek to step down and now, what has followed in the last year in Egypt is a hell worse than any Mubarek ever imposed upon Egyptians.  A country that has stopped moving forward and is instead focused entirely on taking its considerable military to war with Israel. 

Today, the only candidates for the Presidency in Egypt are Islamist.  The Muslim Brotherhood will take control of Egypt and its military.  In the next year, the majority of generals serving today will retire and the up and coming officer corp are Islamist.

Egypt is about to take a 1000 year step backward.  After more than 130 years of Western policies, of pro-Western governments (whatever that means in Egypt), the tide is about to shift to a Western hating, Israeli hating, pro al qaida, pro Islamist government that controls the Suez Canal.

The fault for all this is Mubarek's and his government for pushing Egyptians to this point, but it is also a failure of the West to recognize who was really behind the uprisings.  The Brotherhood kept themselves relatively hidden in the beginning.  They said they had no interest in governing.  They wanted freedom and hope, they wanted change and peace ... but all that was a lie and anyone who understood anything about Egyptian history knew this was the case.

Now Mr. Obama, how do you deal with the fallout of losing Egypt to Islamist forces.

How shall you color this game-changer?


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