Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heroes are not men/women who wake up each day and tell themselves they will save a life or stop a train or dodge a bullet. 

Heroes wake up each day and do their job and in the course of their day, if an event occurs that requires action above and beyond what is expected on a daily basis, they take the inititiave and act.  They save a life, by placing their life in jeopardy and do so not because they seek glory or fame, nor because they wish to die, but they act because it is the right thing to do.

The best examples of a hero are the men and women who serve in our military - they go about their job each day, serving us, the people, some of whom they may not even like very much, and do so because it is what they are asked to do.  They risk their lives for people who may not even like or respect them.

Another example is the Mayor of Newark.

Fri, Apr 13 2012

NEWARK (Reuters) - The mayor of the struggling New Jersey city of Newark said on Friday he was no super hero, only a good neighbor when he broke free from his security detail in a burning house and rescued a woman.

Cory Booker arrived at his Newark home on Thursday night to find his next-door neighbor's house ablaze. His neighbor said her middle-aged daughter was trapped upstairs and begged for help.

He and his bodyguard, Police Detective Alex Rodriguez, tread up the stairs into the home's kitchen, and when the mayor tried to go deeper, the bodyguard grabbed him by the belt to prevent him, Booker 42, recalled at a news conference outside the home on Friday.

The mayor said he "whipped around and we had some words ... I'm his commanding officer."

The mayor broke free and moved further into the home to search for the woman, who is "like a big sister to me" and has been his neighbor for the past six years.

"I felt terror. I couldn't breathe. I finally heard her and found her," Booker recalled.

He hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her to safety. Both were rushed to the hospital for treatment, and the woman remained hospitalized in stable condition on Friday, a spokeswoman for the mayor said.

"It went from bad to worse. I was terrified in that blackened sooted room without an exit," said Booker, whose clothes caught fire.

His security detail rescued three other people in the home.

At the morning news conference, Booker shrugged off a reporter's question about being a super hero.

"I think that's way over the top. I'm a neighbor who did what most neighbors would do, jump into action to help a friend," he said.

Booker has become something of a celebrity since the movie "Brick City" about Newark became a series on the Sundance Channel.


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