Friday, August 12, 2011

Worst Since Carter: Too Bad, Barrack H.

(Reuters) - U.S. consumer sentiment worsened sharply in early August, falling to the lowest index level since 1980, even though retail sales posted the biggest gains in three months in July, separate reports on Friday showed.

Must be hard to pull your base together when your messiah so screws everything up!   The worst consumer confidence since the last time - a democratic president Jimmy Carter.  It must be hard when everytime he speaks the economy sinks.  When he sells the most advanced tanks to a country on the verge of take-over by Islamists (Egypt) thereby threatening our ally in the region (Israel).  It must be hard.  Hearing him speak extemporaneously is painful - he masticates his words and fumbles his speech - and that must be painful for you given your apoplectic state when Bush spoke.  It must be painful to rally people around someone who so disdains what they stand for - America is a tool by which your messiah can achieve his goal.  For other Democrats, America is the end result, and the people make it better.

I am sorry you have such a hard time, but then again, you deserve it.  Your founding father did what he does best a few days ago - he bet against our economy and made $1 billion dollars.  He does that well - whether the English, Russian, or Indonesian ... he is a parasite.  I can only hope one government sooner than later, finds a treatment for parasites like him.


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