Wednesday, August 10, 2011

World Economy

The US has terrible financial and economic woes.  A government insistent on spending and a debt that rises faster than the Titanic sank.  However, all is not bad for us - it is worse for others:

Swiss Franc - worthless
Euro - nearly worthless
Iceland - still barely staying afloat and only with US and German funds
Greece - afloat only because of Germany
Spain - able to prevent sinking into the quagmire only due to Germany
Italy - only treading water, thanks to Germany
UK - about to go under for the first time, although they will pop back up, they will have lost considerable economic worth in the process.
France - about to need all lifelines tossed in, thanks to Germany it will manage.
Portugal - staying afloat thanks to Germany
Austria and Switzerland - afloat thanks to Germany.  Maybe a B- rating.
Sweden and Finland - barely floating.  Probably a C+ rating
Lithuania and Estonia - not floating well, dependent upon financial aid from Russia and the West
Ukraine - suffering mightily under the economic crisis, receives aid from Russia.  They would be at a D rating if such were possible.
Germany ... well, the people and the government are tired of helping the rest of Europe.  Watch for an end to their aid.
It will not be a complete shut-off, but will happen with a smile and hug.
And the world is so wrapped up in India and China - as if they have an economy.  China INFORMS the world what its growth is, what its financial structure is ... and we have no certainty as to the accuracy of that information.  I am confident it is inaccurate, but it will take some time to fully peel away the lies to see the truth.

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