Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interesting story.  2 brothers apparently (I cannot accept as fact that they did, simply because a court in Pakistan said so ...) killed someone.  They were arrested and tried and found guilty and will receive the death penalty.  Yippeee.  Ok, but what about the next part - a fine???  Whats up with that.  How can you fine me and then kill me????  And you must wait until I am done paying the fine before you kill me, correct?  So ... how fast do I have to pay the fine?   Ahhhhhhhh maybe that is justice, and ... that is exactly why the case was decided as it was, and as many like it are -

- was justice done:  yes, they are sentenced to die for their crime

But the judge, the community are not ready to kill them quite yet so when they pay off their fine (10 yrs, 30 years ...) then their sentence will be carried out.  Justice.

August 5, 2011
Published in The Express Tribune, August 5th, 2011.

KHAIRPUR: The court of the third additional district and sessions judge of Khairpur issued the death penalty to two men, Sajjan and his brother Nazar Hussain Thebo, on Thursday. They were also fined Rs0.1 million each for killing two villagers, Naimatullah Thebo and Anwar Kahtoon Thebo, in Laung Thebo village in the jurisdiction of Kotdiji police station in 2005 over a karo-kari dispute.


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