Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obama's America

In Obama's America, we are all equal.  No one has too much - we are the same.

In Obama's America, our nation is equal to all others.  No one is better - we are all the same.

In Obama's America - we are not exceptional, we are the same as everyone else.

There is a chasm between the path of history and Obama's America, so one question would be - how to reconcile his America with the reality of America as a unique and exceptional land, filled with people who share and care about the world.

Drain every cent from the US.

If we have no money, if we are no longer outstanding in our economic future or unique - we are the same as others, struggling, fearful, doubtful ... and these economic fears will soon give sway to questions about how exceptional we are, how great we are.

Once he accomplishes this psychological game of switch and bait, in an effort to reign in the power of the US, weaken us, force us to be no better ... is to continue weakening the US economically to a point where nearly everyone will call for cuts to the military - dramatic cuts.  Cuts which will place us in line with other countries - equally as weak.

That is his plan.  The next block we see up for chopping will be a massive overhaul of the military - probably sponsored by a commission he sets up.  He would have tens of billions he could cut immediately, look good, and end the reign of the US as the most powerful country.  His Marxist perspective - that views the world through the prism of Marxist thought, has wanted to see the US weakened for decades.  It has never been possible until now.  He must be elated when he is in private.

He is accomplishing what no army on earth has ever been able to do, what no war has managed ... to end the dominance of the United States on a world stage.

Bloodbath - coming soon. 


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