Monday, July 18, 2011

Words and Phrases We Must Eliminate

Expressions that should be stricken from use -

All things being equal  - what the heck does this mean.  If all things were equal we would be in heaven so why use such a phrase.

At a crossroads  - No, you are not at a crossroads, you are in the middle of a dilema - but not a crosswords.

Awesome - as opposed to spectacular, stupendous ... awesome is God, not a book or a candy.

Begs the question – why not just say - it raises a question

Bless her (his) heart - as opposed to damn him to hell.

Bottom Line - there could be a top line I suppose.

Breaking news - what news is not breaking.  If it is news it could be new or old, but old news is not news - its OLD.  And the breaking part - why not simply saying - NEWS.

Cautiously optimistic - glass half filled, or I have a 50/50 chance of dying but am cautiously optimistic I will survive.

Clearly - We could say - Very muddy or unclear, dirty.

Do you have time for a quick question?  - how quick?

Ginormous - Humungus
Giving 110%  - we all do this, but remember, you can't give more than 100%

Gone missing - as opposed to Gone or Missing

Gone viral - WTF

Green - Yellow

Hit the ground running - when someone falls out of a tree they do not hit the ground ... running.

In no way, shape or form - but in spirit maybe!

In that vein - not mine.

In the days and weeks ahead  - In the future we ....

Let me be perfectly clear - Obtuse

Let’s walk this back - why are we walking backward.  We could simply revisit the question and reevaluate the situation.

Level the playing field  - why is it not level.  And if it is a playing field shouldn't it have been level to begin with.

Metrics - I hate metrics

New and Improved - as opposed to OLD AND TIRED

Only time will tell - TIME does not tell, for it is a state of presence, not an entity nor organic.

Partisan Politics - if everyone got along why do we need different political parties.  They are naturally partisan and must be.

We need to eliminate these phrases before we reach a tipping point on the slippery slope to hell.


Make Mine Freedom - 1948

American Form of Government

Who's on First? Certainly isn't the Euro.