Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SPACE: The Final Frontier

To boldly go where no man has gone before, or at the very least where under 100 men and women have gone before, into the space beyond our space.

With the final lift-off of the space shuttle Atlantis, the US relinquishes control of manned space flight to everyone else. In line with Obama’s attitudes toward the US and its future in his world paradigm – as one of many, no better, no bigger, no more powerful nor controlling than any other – simply one of many.

It is yet another sign we are failing, not because we gain significant benefit from control of space travel and manned flight, but simply because no one else was as able and capable as the US. Now, the US will depend on private companies who will dominate space. Private companies with no allegiance to a nation or a belief system. Private companies that are, undoubtedly, corporations – the type Democrats and liberals hate, because they are big and make profit. And now, Democrats and liberals want to trust them with our continued presence in space, unlike the last decade where every corporation was seemingly out of control and unregulated. With the US ceding control of space to private companies for the US portion of space flight, China and Russia are speeding up their manned flight programs (the Russians immediately declared this the new era of Russian dominance in space)  – to dominate space flight and control of space travel – to upload or install satellites and other objects that serve their national purpose, while the US is dependent upon private companies. Companies that may also have business in Russia and China and who may not feel more strongly about one than the other.

The Chinese will put in orbit military weapons, satellites to be used to disable the US system (whether it be electric or financial or military). The Chinese will dominate along with the Russians, while the US quietly fades into the background. This fading away does not mean we cannot take out of moth-ball storage the remaining shuttles we have in some emergency. However, if the US did end up in a war with China, if I were the Chinese, I would destroy the Florida launch sites for the shuttle to disable any interference by the US. The same would apply if it were Russia or a proxy state acting on behalf of one of these two military competitors.

Relinquishing control may feel good to Obama and liberals, but the cost, while very high to maintain, allowed the US to maintain a military and technological superiority over the rest of the world. By ‘feeling’ better and saving several billion, we give up a great deal more than Obama and others can fathom at this time. Short-sighted idiots.


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