Monday, July 25, 2011


Sometimes people come into our lives at the least expected moment.  We could be walking down the street, and we drop something, and hear from behind us 'wait, you dropped ...' or we could be sitting at our desk, and someone walks up and asks us how our day is going, and just their sense of enthusiasm and energy make our day brighter and we look up and smile.

Sometimes people come into our life unplanned, unexpected, yet they make an impact bigger than if an asteroid hit.  Whether we just left the bank and dropped two hundred dollars, go home, and realize we lost the money - it was for our groceries or bills or something we needed or even, something we wanted and now ... it was gone.  We call the bank and we are told someone found some money but they wouldn't reveal how much.  We call, inform them of the amount and ... they return it.

Sometimes good people do appear in our life at the perfect time, to bring us something we needed at that time, and in some cases, to show us the path - to lead by example.  Hopefully the person who lost the $200 would do the same if they find cash next time.  Hopefully the person who dropped something will call out to another person who drops something, and good deeds multiply - just like good friends.

Sometimes we are privileged to know someone, to meet someone who brings warmth and happiness into our life - to feel happy, alive, excited, to know the person and to be part of each others life.  It is so rare we find people we can say mean a great deal to us, now and always, and when we find these friends - we need to keep them always.


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