Friday, July 22, 2011

Documents to Travel in Pakistan

July 20, 2011

PESHAWAR: Seven US citizens were stopped by security officials from crossing the Peshawar toll plaza without a No Objection Certificates on Wednesday, DawnNews reported.

The US embassy has expressed serious concern over the incident, DawnNews reported.

Security officials said the foreigners were traveling in three cars and it was the second time they had attempted to enter without a NOCs.

They are required to obtain a NOCs from the relevant ministry before entering into Peshawar, said security officials.

So .... Pakistan is a large land-mass, and in all that mass, Peshwar is one area that requires documentation to travel.  Not to travel in Islamabad.  Not to travel in Faisalabad.  Not to travel in Vehari.  But you do need the documents to travel in Peshwar. 

One of these things just isn't adding up.  One of these things stinks a little.  One of these things is a puzzle.  Now, what is it about Peshwar.

They use soldiers to guard the routes into Peshwar.  In essence, to guard Peshwar and the residents of Peshwar.  I couldn't imagine why.


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