Thursday, December 4, 2008

Obama: Raise baby Raise ...MONEY

Obama raises $104 million in 5 weeks

Dec 4, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) - Barack Obama's presidential campaign reports raising $104 million in October and November. It marks a grand finale to a successful bid that shattered fundraising records.

Overall, Obama raised nearly $750 million during his odyssey to the presidency. Campaign finance reports covering the period from Oct. 15 to Nov. 24 were due to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

The Democrat's fundraising and his spending eclipsed that of his Republican rival, John McCain. Obama was the first presidential candidate since the campaign finance reforms of the 1970s to raise private donations during the general election. McCain opted to accept public financing. That limited him to $84 million to spend from the beginning of September until Election Day.

The RICH Republicans raised $84 million, by law MAX from September through November. Those RICH republicans who don't care about the little people. The rich republicans who donated vast sums of money and bought off the opposition and created vast conglomerates ... and Obama raised $750 million dollars.

Listen up Losercrats ... the $750 million, was not raised from $20 donations from Joe and Martha ... and if you believe it was all from little people on the internet, I have some land to sell you, just as soon as I finish getting this pixie dust out of my hair and help Lucky hide his pot o' gold.

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