Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MSM and Trump: Part Deux

I simply do not have the time to contend with every piece of rubbish written, however much I would like to.

I do have a question - why do you (the liberal media or liberals in general) immediately assume -

that General Flynn, one of the most decorated generals, having served this country in war, unlike Trump or Obama or Bush or Clinton ... would help or in any way serve the interests of anyone but the US?

And you do suggest that, very clearly so.

Yet, Obama, his first phone call as president was to the Palestinians.  Why didn't we get a transcript of that call?  And what did they talk about?  Not what Obama said they discussed, but what was actually said.  And the very last act as president was to release over 200 million to the Palestinians, including a phone call to the president of Fatah and the Palestinians.  I just wonder why the first and last actions Obama took dealt with the Palestinians.  What was said?  isn't it odd?  And what about the abstention in the voting at the UN ... all related to the Palestinians.  Isn't it odd?

Does the MSM investigate this?  Nope.  Not even a nod.

But, the fact the general had a conversation with an ambassador to set up a conversation between Trump and Putin, and during the conversation probably said something like, in response to the Russian prompting him - sure, Trump will discuss the sanctions with Putin at some point.

That is a non-issue.

And the media and the Democrats know it.  But they pretend.


I think the answer to that why is very important.

Why do they insist on dragging the Trump campaign connection to Russia out further.  Like what happened - did TC (Trump Campaign) call up Putin and discuss release of emails?

Really, Hillary has said the reason she lost was because: Comey was looking at her emails, Obama wouldn't do more for her, males without college degree voted against her, women with college degree voted against her, millenials didn't vote for her ... she never suggested at any time, nor has ANY POLL or STUDY EVER SUGGESTED hacked emails played ANY role.

And the fact that NO EVIDENCE exists to prove Russia did it, makes it easy to blame Russia.

So, again, why?  Why do they do it?

The answer to that question is more important than who knew what when or whether anyone talked to anyone else ... FAR MORE IMPORTANT.

The answer, I believe is - it's an attempt to sway the public.

However, I have to stop for a moment and think - NOTHING they say will change Trump supporters from supporting him.  His support is between 48-52% depending on if the polls are done with a live person or a recording.

So if all this rubbish isn't intended on changing Trump voters, then why?


Ahhhh perhaps because these hateful and divisive sorts are beginning to see a threat to their future - some of their people are beginning to look at Trump in a more positive light.  That bodes poorly for the Senate election and their very viability next time.  So they have to work doubly hard to keep their people from switching sides.

So the why is answered, and in doing all they are doing, they cause great damage to the United States.  Their political animus is harming the national security and integrity of the United States, and will not affect by much, the elections next year.

So they put their personal hatred and gain ahead of the nation, once more.


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