Friday, February 24, 2017

1984: Doublespeak. Up is down, Yes is No.

So much is made of Donald Trump's unchecked facts.  And to be fair and honest, and transparent, I agree for the most part.  Yet what I have noticed over the last two months is lies, slander, and innuendo by academics, media, and liberals against anything and everything related to Donald Trump.  It is obsessive, hate-filled, and blind.  It is intolerant hate, and this is not news, real or fake to anyone.  It is very clear.  It is also not limited to liberals, for their are some conservatives in the Republican party who so loathe Trump, they now find themselves siding with the most loathe some of humans - people who preach intolerance, hate, violence, and an end to free speech - liberals.

You lost.  Get over it.  With illegal voting, although not millions probably, but still with that help, the help of people who said 'never trump', and the apathy of others all helping the vote count for Her, he still won.  He said he was going to do X, Y, Z, and surprise surprise, he is doing X Y and Z along with A, B, C, D, E, and F, with plans for G, H,I,J,K later.  I suspect L, M, N, O will be reserved until his next term if he were to run again.  This is what voters want.  Someone who says and does, not someone who blames and doesn't do.  And surprise, when he blames the media he isn't exaggerating - enemy of the people?  No, but certainly not working toward the sovereignty and independence of the American people.

The people who voted for Trump will do so again, and after he has demonstrated he is not the evil-doer the liberals say he is, some from the left side will vote for him/support him next time.  You can't win, because your message is one of division.  His message isn't one of division, his is one of unification.  Your message is divisive.  He says America is for Americans, for those people who want to be American, who come here to be part of this great experiment in human history.  For those who come legally, and follow our laws and seek to be Americans - all of this is for them.  That is NOT divisive.  Since when is supporting ones nation and the sovereignty and independence of ones nation and people divisive? 

Your message - which is entirely about division and hate, is exactly that - destructive and divisive.  Sad.

And voters see this.  They really do.  You think because 10,000 protest here and 1000 scream there, and 5,000 cry over there - that the nation is waking up.  You made that mistake in November.  The 40+ million who support him are not having fits, committing crimes en masse, or threatening an end to order by their intolerant attitudes toward government and policy.  They will vote.  AND others will also.  The only way you could pull off a coup is by getting illegals to vote, and I suspect in the next 4 years we will see voter reform to prevent much of that!  I know it hurts, but winning by fraud, by deception, by division, isn't winning - it's cheating!  And it kills truth. 

Oh, the Russians, I know.  But according to every poll/study done, NOTHING the Russians never did, helped Her.  And if it did, why hasn't SHE said it has.  Instead she has blamed everyone else BUT the Russians.  Simpletons who still believe the Russians hacked an email account are idiots, in the truest sense of the word.

What I have noticed in the last 3-4 weeks is that our country really does have a serious, serious, serious, very serious illegal immigration issue.  Throughout the country cities and states say they will 'protect' illegals.  But what about law.  They came here illegally, violating state and federal laws in doing so.  They are not fleeing (most) anything worse than what those miserably impoverished states they flee from have always been.  You don't protest the conditions in Mexico that force people to flee.  You instead fly the Mexican flag.  You offer sanctuary and protection flouting laws our government established long before Trump.  You want to hire illegals, and several companies have said they want to, to protect them.  OMG.

Honestly.  Spend your bloody energy saving their wretched countries from the inhuman conditions the people live in so they don't come here. Stop hurting the American taxpayer.

Americans haven't quite figured out all this tax stuff yet, but I promise.  That will come.

In the meantime, I will post some deets about that topic ignored by media in favor of depicting Trump as Satan or his aide.

However, not at this time.  I have things to do.  Later.

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