Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Liar Liar: Fake News

NBC story -

"Once he assumed the highest office in the land, his first order of business was to close our borders to immigrants and refugees, particularly those from Muslim-majority countries," Langevin, said in a statement. "Diversity makes our nation stronger, and I believe it should be celebrated."

NBC is covering FAKE NEWS, and Democrat Langevin is a LIAR

Trump DID NOT close our border to immigrants and refugees.

Nor did he pick on particularly Muslim-majority countries.  Saudi Arabia wasn't on the list.  Neither was Afghanistan and the last time I checked they were pretty high up.  Indonesia - nope.  Not on the list.  Lies.

Immigrants are coming from Canada, Britain, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras .... clearly the door was NOT shut on all immigrants.


And then the lies are covered by NBC and printed on their webpage and further spread ...

Liars covering lies.  Fake News.


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