Sunday, January 22, 2017


Pope Francis should stick to matters concerning faith, on that, he is infallible.  On all else, I wouldn't mind going to a psychic.

If he is concerned about Hitler, he should pay great attention to several African countries whose leaders run their countries along similar lifelong lines.  He could watch China, but that would require a backbone, which he lacks.  He believes allowing the Chinese government control is better than no Catholicism.  He could watch Russia, where the good Christian attitude is partial to violent behavior for anything bordering on what Russians would consider to be deviant.  I would argue that a Catholicism compromised by the political powers - Islam, tyrants, dictators, thugs, totalitarian ... only makes Catholicism an accessory to the evil they perpetrate.

He could check in with Argentina, collapsing faster than a balloon losing air.   He could check in with Brazil - a state of crime and death, of poverty and corruption rivaling the worst on earth.  He could check in on Venezuela - the murder capital of the world.  He could check in with Mexico - where the police, federales, army, and crime syndicates are one and the same - led by the politicians who happen to be paid for by the crime syndicates.

He has a lot to worry about.

Perhaps he could focus on the invasion of Europe by Islam, and the intolerance Islamic countries have toward Christianity,  He could check in on his own Italy - where the population declines but for the immigrants - mostly Islamic.

He has bigger worries he should focus on, 24/7, then making political comments directed toward the right in France and Trump in the US.

There are REAL issues he needs to attend to.  Or he could go back to being infallible by sticking to what he does - being Pope and leading the Catholic world with his insight on the faith.  And stay out of all else.  You have infallibility on faith ... NOTHING else.  And faith is the Bible, the Word of God ... not politics.

This is not the 13th century Francis.

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