Sunday, January 22, 2017

More on Trump and the Lies

STUFF:  I have a life - both personal and professional - a career, and issues - I have all the same issues everyone has - car, leaks in garage and patio from all the rain, things to be repaired (a Samsung TV), stuff to grade, going to work, driving to and from and back again and work at home, kids, cat ... a life that cannot wait for protesting and whining, so I choose the grown-up path.

Almost everything said about Trump is a lie, or highly exaggerated.  Every time I read something I want to post, but can't due to the above listed STUFF.

I don't have the luxury of being a special snowflake and crying or feeling sad or scared.  I have responsibilities and they don't take time off for snowflake updates.

However, I am going to try, but there is sooooo much.  It will take time.  Almost EVERY article, column or news story is full of ... well, if not outright lies, then partial truths mixed with mischaracterized statements about generalizations of statements someone else attributed to Trump or simply vast simplification that is little more than slander or libel.

But I will try.

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