Sunday, January 22, 2017

Over the top!

What to say/write about Trump.  I don't know.  I am very disappointed he was the choice and became president, BUT I prefer him over the alternative.  Just to make clear I would never have chosen him, do not like him, do not believe he is the best possible ... but he is leagues above the alternative.

So he has invoked God a dozen times in last few days and in last 18 months hasn't invoked Him that many ... so what?  Obama didn't put his hand over his heart when he was campaigning whenever pledge was said nor during national anthem ... and he didn't want a flag pin.  That took some work on someones part to get him to use it.  His church attendance was probably as good as Trumps.  Don't whine about Trump and God ... not when you never ever gave a sigh let alone critique of Obama.

Oh but Obama didn't invoke God all the time ... which is exactly why you are offended.  Not that Obama never attended church, but that Trump invokes God.  Pretty clear actually, to anyone who tries to be objective.

So ... Trump has said things (I do not disagree he has said them), but given the generalizations of him that are categorically false, I have to take a position and say - what Trump said, has almost entirely been taken out of context, but what his detractors have said about him, are pretty obvious - lies.

Liars all.  And you all believe it.  That's the saddest part.  And you create a cause out of lies.  And lots of women join that cause - one built on lies and hate.

The biggest revelation of the last few weeks is just how unqualified so many people are to do very much.

You think Trump is a threat to democracy ... just watch the protestors.  Mindless twats who would sign up for a fascist as long as that fascist was in the Democratic party and or supported a women's right to have an abortion.

We are closer to a dictatorship than you are aware, but it comes from those protesting Trump, not those who support him.

Take some time and think on it.  Maybe a day, maybe it will take your brain forever to figure it out.

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