Saturday, December 31, 2016

Predatory Russians UPDATED

The Witch hunt is alive and well in the US.  And Democrats with witless Republicans are chasing after the perpetual enemy of all that is holy - Russia.  Well, at least part of that is true.

And Democrats have to demonize the Russians.  They MUST.  In an ongoing effort to de-legitimize Trump's election, and diminish the reconciliation Trump will manage with Putin (look at how bad the Russians are, how can he be friends with them, they haven't even apologized for x,y,z).

After reading several columns / JV writing bits in the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, and Seattle Intelligencer ... I thought we were dealing with an arch-enemy after finishing the last paper.  Diabolical and evil.  The Soviet Union reincarnate.  I was fearful and wanted to hide under my table.  Afraid to look outside that a Russian spy might be lurking at Elliott Bay or under the Needle.

I reminded myself I too had been hacked by the Russian government.  I had a malware installed on my computer and after consulting with a very reliable tech consultant in Colorado, I was informed it was Russian malware and the Russian hackers wanted bitcoins before they gave the code to decrypt the files.  Those damned Russians.  Always hacking computers.  How did they know I was the Green Hornet!

And Kennedy, look what they did to President Kennedy - they murdered him.  Oswald was Russian, his wife was Russian - the Russian government was involved.  Killing our presidents and hacking our elections and electrical grids.  We need to nuke them quick.

Then I climbed out from under the table, stood up, shook off the fear and reminded myself liberal retards had written that rubbish.  Bad people can be Russian, English, French, Egyptian, Saudi, Yemeni, Afghan ... and if you are a bad person, why not head to Nigeria.  Every email scam is Nigerian, and Nigerians buy computers and some of them come from Russia, therefore the Russians are behind every computer scam.

THAT is the level of intelligence being passed off today in the media and by our government.


Is Putin innocent of all crimes and misdemeanors?  Nope.  probably should be indicted for something (including ordering assassinations), but not for hacking the electrical system nor the voting system (you want a nearly 100% means of ensuring it won't be hacked - I should get paid for this - STOP with internet or digital, return to days of paper.  It may take a couple days, but the level of corruption will be no higher than the 1960 election.).

Russian policing of their internet is primitive.  The bad guys in Russia are better than the police and if you want to be a bad guy, go to Russia, or not wanting the hassle, route your actions through Russian servers.

What could these 'bad agents' want?  Easy peasey.  MONEY.  Even a Hillary supporter should be able to figure that out.

Find a weak link, sell it to Al Qaida or ISIS (the JV team and not the JV writers at the major media outposts) ... to use against the US.  Could they be Russian citizens?  Possible, but also possible they aren't.

However, in the US, fear feeds fear, especially if you are a fear-monger - AKA Democrats.

From Bloomberg -

Malware code linked to Russian hackers and found on a Vermont electric utility's computer is further evidence of "predatory" steps taken by that country against the U.S., a Vermont Democratic congressman said Saturday.

(so maybe we need 1000 more nukes to help)

 The Burlington Electric Department confirmed Friday it had found on one of its laptops the malware code used in Grizzly Steppe, the name Homeland Security has applied to a Russian campaign linked to recent hacks. The company said U.S. utilities were alerted by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday of the code.

"This attack shows how rampant Russian hacking is. It's systemic, relentless, predatory," Rep. Peter Welch said in a statement. "They will hack everywhere, even Vermont, in pursuit of opportunities to disrupt our country."

(Welch should be retired.  He is a twit, twat, and a fear-monger)

 Welch said the breach also underscores that sanctions President Barack Obama took against Russia this week were warranted. Russia, which has denied hacking U.S. systems, has been accused of interference in the U.S. presidential election by hacking American political sites and email accounts.
Sen. Patrick Leahy said the latest discovery of the malware "goes beyond hackers having electronic joy rides." It is the latest example that state-sponsored Russian hacking is a serious threat, the Vermont Democrat said in a statement Friday.

 (AS I stated above, THEY MUST argue this to discredit Trump, diminish any effort at reconciliation, and carve out a whacking stone they can take a swat at whenever they are feeling hurt)
The Washington Post first reported on the Vermont utility's discovery of the malware. Burlington Electric, which is municipally owned, confirmed in an emailed statement to The Associated Press that it detected the malware in a laptop not connected to its grid systems. It said it took "immediate action to isolate the laptop and alerted federal officials."


(and a governor who deserves to be retired also, another fear-monger who knows less about less)

"Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world's leading thugs, (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health, and safety," the governor (Peter Shumlin)  said in a statement.

 NOW, the coup de grâs ... "it detected the malware in a laptop not connected to its grid systems."
[emphasis is mine]

Hmmm.  Someone took the laptop home, used it at home, downloaded emails or visited webpages they shouldn't have, received a virus, went to work, plugged it in, and the virus checker found the malware.

It was not connected to the grid, had not been, and the virus it received was separate from and unrelated to the grid or the electric company.  But, when you're a Democrat, you don't need to tell the truth - use it to your advantage and the witless Republicans fall all over themselves like seizure victims.

And these people are the leaders.

Oh dear Lord.  Protect us from the witless and hapless many, who do more to harm the United States than all our foreign enemies combined.

The Washington Post, without apologizing or calling to task the morons who made ridiculous comments did run a new story about this issue -

"An employee at Burlington Electric Department was checking his Yahoo email account Friday and triggered an alert indicating that his computer had connected to a suspicious IP address associated by authorities with the Russian hacking operation that infiltrated the Democratic Party. "

 But they are sticking with the Russians infiltrating the DNC ... media quoting Democrats quoting other Democrats who quote the media who hear it from one source ...

You are worse than the National Enquirer.  They are respectable. 

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