Friday, December 30, 2016

Lance Gross: Colorism

This Christmas photograph posted by Lance Gross sparked a social media backlash

Well, I was reading about Rwanda the other day, some light reading (dark humor), and saw this photo as I distracted myself from the genocidal tendencies of other people - Lance Gross, an actor I have never heard of, but I did just now (a couple Tyler Perry films, and The Phenom, Our Family Wedding - none I have ever watched but someone does), was having Christmas in Big Bear this year, as I am assuming he has for many years and had this photo taken of he and 8 other people.

So what is the big deal?

I've already given the answer away, in my light reading list ...

Absurd.  I agree with many comments re this photo.  The worst part for me about the photo is ... he had Christmas in Big Bear, and I didn't.  I'd like the snow again, especially at Christmas.

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