Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hillary Lost: Reason 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003 ...

The Russians hacked the election (which might suggest to a reasonable person we should stop with electronic/digital voting and go back to, entirely, paper ballots) and wanted Trump to win (despite statements of Trump voters that they watched as, before their eyes the Trump vote became a Hillary vote).

Comey did it.  The FBI Director caused the election to be won by Trump.

Within a day of the election, the Hillary campaign made it clear why she lost the election:

uneducated white men!

Shortly after, perhaps 96 hours or so, came excuse number 2:

educated women!  self hating women!

And the reasons just rolled on in ...

The most recent, by Robby Mook at Harvard -

- millenials didn't vote!

Why not admit what everyone knows!  Everyone voted against her.  38% of Hispanics voted FOR Trump.  Women.  Men.  Millenials, African Americans, James Comey, and the Russians ...

She lost because SHE was the reason!

Her campaign argued (not the DNC - they know she was the problem) she actually won.  Nooooo

Silly bunnies, she didn't win.  Votes for her came from people like Bush ... people who said they would not vote for Trump.  Not because she was the better person, but because they voted against him.

By the way, NO ONE, NO AGENCY OF THE US GOVERNMENT HAS DEFINITIVELY STATED THE RUSSIANS hacked anything.  More lies and fake news spread by ... oh my gosh ... Democrats.

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