Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syria and Foreign Policy Experience

The feckless wonder never ceases to amaze me.  Neither do those minions who lap at his feet, spewing mindless diarrhea on any number of subjects.

Syria is a good example of what can go wrong as is Egypt, when the idiots in the White House has absolutely no concept of world affairs and instead runs his administration like a textbook Marxist state - the people decide, governments simply make their lives easier, provide a cushion for their hard landings, and stay out of the way.  When government does intervene, it should do so only when the interests of the workers are affected, and not interests such as security or power.

Egypt is a fucking mess.  The Muslim Brotherhood is desiring of the destruction of the pyramids.  Never before in the history of man, has a group uttered that intent (19th century Ali does not count - England had control and exerted influence.  These men were not hardline Islamists as we know them today.)  Forget their ability to actually do it.  Not relevant.  It is the fact they want to.  They want to destroy the greatest accomplishments of man in the ancient world to fit their version of a religious doctrine.   They have openly threatened Israel, supported assistance to Hamas, fully cognizant of the effect it will have on Israel and Hamas.  The new leadership in Egypt does not care if the economy fails and Egypt returns to the dustbin - it will satisfy their religious doctrine - the Jews caused it, and will simply feed into war rhetoric devised by the leadership.  Did Mubarek have to fall?  No, but the vacillation in the White House, and lack of depth in understanding the potential fallout demonstrated their fecklessness in implementing a policy based upon an ideal of lunacy not reality.  

Tunisia - welcoming Tunisia as a part of an Arab Spring ... when the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood have taken control.  

Morrocco -  Islamists have taken near control of that country.

Algeria - Islamists have coopted the former revolutionaries in their parliament and have begun a series of restructuring of the government.  Revolutionaries out, Islamists in.  In Libya something similar has occured.

North Africa has fallen to the hard line Islamists.  The United States plays catch-up.  We are in defensive mode, responding to actions, and our response hasn't done anything.  The Islamists who have taken control are not at all intimidated by a man who is always chasing to catch up or simply doesn't try.  Hillary must really hate Obama - she is having to go around the world plugging holes and just as she starts fixing a hole another one breaks and she never fixes anything.  Obama is the one with the hammer smashing the holes.

The US has allowed the Syrian issue to fall apart and we are still playing follow the mess.  Syria is a great example of the media and events creating the conditions that make collapse inevitable.  So was Libya and Egypt.  A bomb kills the defense minister and interior minister, the UN says a collapse is imminent, the EU says a humanitarian crisis is about to occur, no one is talking about Assad any more except how he is removed.  The end is decided, it is now a matter of when and how.  I will not shed a tear for the end of that regime BUT it did not need to occur as it did.  Neither in Tunisia or Libya or Egypt.  Instead, we allowed events to overtake the situation and we became a follower not a leader.

Naturally, you do not want the opposition to appear as if US stooges, but that is the funny part.  Any help we give them will be erased in the first weeks of an Islamist government in control - the people who toppled the former president of Tunisia did not take power.  The people who started the protests in Libya did not take power.  The people who began the protests and marched in Egypt, did not take power.  It was the Islamist movement behind those groups who walked in and took control.  Once they take control - ideas of freedom and democracy and toleration are forgotten and dismissed as western tools of imperialism. 

Obama will be on the sidelines wondering what happened to the promises made to the US.  Ha.  And he believed them.  Stupid man, feckless fool.  They lie and they do so to fulfil their religious belief system.  Whatever is necessary to do so, is fine - including begging the US for aid and then throwing us under the bus while they begin an Islamic purge of everything non-Islamic. 

My mailman had more federal experience than Obama when he was elected.  My mailman could probably do as well as Obama or better.

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