Sunday, July 15, 2012


I do not imply or suggest in any way, I know with any certainty anything but that which I do know - that until 2001 or about that time, American Airlines could sell out the 14 seats in First Class at regular rates and fly the rest of the aircraft empty to Europe and pay for all their costs.

Increases in fuel costs would be addressed by a small increase in all costs, perhaps adding on another $50 to First Class tickets and $20 to Business and $10 to Economy.  As long as the fuel increase did not rise over $3000 per tank of fuel, that would be enough.

What other costs are there?  Food?  But food was provided in 2000 just as it was in 2009.  Food costs did not jump THAT much.  Tack on $2 per meal and you should cover the cost.

What other costs?  Airport Fees?  Ok, so tack on $70 to First Class (diregard the food and fuel increase), $50 to Business and $30 to economy - and cover all increases.

Everything else is relative to the costs prior to 2001.  Baggage had always been on-board or carried on or under the plane or ... that never changed.

So why does the airline industry, in the person of John Heimlich, chief economist of U.S. aviation industry body, Airlines for America believe the airlines have no option but to charge for costs?

What did he say?

We ALWAYS got a drink, peanuts and free movies but now you want to charge us for what you gave us free or included within the prices you charged. 

Amazing how you turned the language around and now we are supposed to feel we are getting a deal.


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