Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Thing About Liberals ...

Wherever they may live - liberals want change, now, immediate, and without hesitation.  They want good things - end of dictators and tyrants, the right of people to speak and scream, the rights of women and children, pro choice on all issues (except in the US where pro choice does not include the right to choose life based upon Biblical traditions).

Liberals want good things, there is no doubt.  They want it now and some, a few, will even march in protests and risk their very lives in cities like New York and Washington.  Set aside how asinine that image is, those same few would not march in protests against Mubarek or Khadafi.  Yet some liberal minded people did march in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iran.  Some did and some risked everything to march for freedom.  The world media caught them on video, and showed us their heroic efforts to end the rule of tyrants and dictators - sadly, they were not the real protesters.

Sadly the world was mistaken.  But that's another thing about liberals, a slip here and there, a few mistakes along the way, and things are still fine, no apologies.  Like the t-shirt company in the 90's - No Fear.  This one for liberals - No Apologies.  Could be something George Clooney sets up, maybe even Kofi Annan. 

It's alright, they care, and that is all that matters whereas the heartless greedy conservatives hate everyone - unlike Kofi who presided over two genocides (or attempted), and Clooney who is a clueless as Anna, but he cares.

Yet back to the 'liberal protestors' shown on TV in Tunisia and Libya and Egypt, and Syria ... the face of a revolution.  Behind the face are very dark shadows that have seized control in Tunisia and Libya, and are on the edge of control in Egypt.  The liberal protesters sit back and wonder what happened - they are slightly dazed and certainly confused, wondering aloud what happened to all their candidates who promised them a yellow brick road and sunshine. 

"Young liberal and left-wing revolutionaries who led last year's uprising were dismayed when their own candidates lost the first round of the presidential election last month."

Dismayed?  Ha.  Anyone with half a wit, which discounts Obama, understood the 'revolution' was not the Arab Spring of Democracy Obama was touting, as were so many other quagga's in the media.  As if every quean on earth got in line to drink that cool-aid, and boy did they.  The jubilant support for the 'liberal' protesters in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt ... heck, we even put the liberal protesters in power in Libya, and are on the verge of doing the same in Syria.

What havoc we wreak in doing good, promoting good.  And they condemned Bush for Iraq.  Ha. 

Mubarek sentenced to life in prison for the few deaths in Tahir Square a little more than a year ago.  The funny part, 10X that many have died since, hundreds more have disappeared.  Thousands have been beaten and arrested and tried for crimes against the state.    Who now will be held responsible or is that ok with liberals - bloodshed to cleanse the palate.  The French believed that was the way to do it, until they ate their own and the blood ran freely for years.  Insanity.

But never apologize - not for any of your actions, a sure sign of sincerity and caring.

Quagga and quean are words.  They are not pulled out of my ass as some people are prone to doing!
Kofi is mentioned in regard to his passionate
work on behalf of ton he Tutsi and Bosnians.


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