Monday, June 18, 2012

Egyptian Hope?

18-20 months ago, the world media proclaimed a new dawn in Egypt, the end of Mubarek, the end of a regime, the end of tyranny, the start of democracy.  El Baredi was even going to run, students and women marched in the streets.  Democracy was at hand.  Peace and hope.  Hope for the future, change to a better way of living.  All sorts of pro-democratic groups were on the televisions, all manner of commentary poured from the mouths of US and European commentators when discussing the support of El Baredi and other democratic candidates.  Often they would mention the brotherhood as being in the background, and in the first days and weeks, the brotherhood said it had no interest in elections or being in the political process, that was instead for the people.

All along I knew that what was pushing the entire process was the muslim brotherhood.  Democratic movements are not organized.  There is no basis for democracy in Egypt and never has been.  Brotherhood knew this.  They are the killers of Anwar Sadat.  They are the link between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria and Egypt … the brotherhood links them all, and intended from day 1 to take control and it slowly began the process.  Soon enough El Barredi dropped out and has disappeared.  All the pro Democratic candidates dropped out leaving only the military to save Egypt and the Middle East.  Ironic given their past association with ‘peace’. 

Now, the Muslim Brotherhood makes it clear … especially the last sentence of the quote:

"Over the past 18 months we were very keen to avoid any clashes or confrontations with other components of Egypt's political system because we felt that it would have negative consequences for the democratic system and for society as a whole," said Fatema AbouZeid, a senior policy researcher for the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party and a media coordinator for the Morsi campaign. "But now it's very clear that Scaf and other institutions of the state are determined to stand in the way of what we're trying to achieve, and we won't accept this any more. Egypt will not go back to the old regime through any means, legal or illegal.”


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