Monday, March 19, 2012

Honor Killings: Pakistan is Rife with the murder of innocents.

Barbarism.  Animals.  Yet animals are not so unkind.  For people to speak of honor ... who have neither honor nor humanity, bespeaks a great deal ab out these cretins.  But, on the other hand - for anyone to be so naive as to believe such things do not happen and all will be well ... they walked into it, and Darwin sorted them out.

A Scottish businessman and his American wife were shot dead in the street in a suspected honour killing while on holiday in Pakistan, it has emerged.

3:45PM GMT 24 Nov 2011

Saif Rehman, 31, from Glasgow, and his wife 30 year-old wife Uzma Naurin, who is from New York, were gunned down while on a shopping trip in Gujrat earlier this month.

Reports say their car was ambushed by four men and Mr Rehman was killed instantly before Mrs Naurin was taken away with the group. Her body was found a few hours later dumped in nearby bushes on November 1.

It is believed the couple were accompanied by a driver, Mr Rehman’s sister and her two-year-old daughter.

The other passengers are thought to have escaped unharmed.

Pakistani police are investigating claims of "tension" between the couple’s parents over their marriage three years ago.

They were married in Manchester before a more elaborate ceremony, involving both sides of the family, occured in Glasgow in June.

Attendees of the wedding reported that it appeared that the differences might have been resolved.

The couple's friend, Saif Ali, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, said they were in the country for a family wedding and were returning from a shopping trip when they were killed.

''They were going back home and basically, all of a sudden, the driver just stopped the car," he said.

''Four people were in a different car which stopped in front of them.

''They pulled Saif and his sister and his wife out of the car and as soon as he was pulled out of the car, they shot him without saying anything.''

Mr Ali added: ''Five minutes up the road they basically killed her (Uzma Naurin) as well.

''She wasn't found until quite a bit of time later.

''Probably about three or four hours later she was found as they had basically put her in the shrubs somewhere, just on the side of the road.''

Police in the Punjab region of Pakistan are understood to be investigating whether the couple, who reportedly married in Glasgow in February, were the victims of an ''honour killing''. They are said to be treating their deaths as a targeted attack.

Mr Ali told the BBC that Mr Rehman's sister and niece were in the same car as the couple, but were not killed after being asked to identify themselves. It is also reported that nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

Mr Ali, 30, of Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, owns a mobile phone repair company, met Mr Rehman – who operates a similar firm called GSM Communications in Glasgow – three years ago.

The Foreign Office is not involved in the case as Mr Rehman was a Pakistani national and Mrs Naurin was a US citizen.


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