Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chavez and His Last Days

Chavez returns to Venezuela amid rumors -

"Perhaps to prove the point, in January he gave what may have been the longest ever presidential speech, talking for almost 10 hours nonstop, assuring Venezuelans that he was “completely cured” from the cancer he was diagnosed with last June."

10 HOURS.  Even Biden can't talk that long.  And the Venezuelans, do they buy his 'completely cured' diagnosis?

“We’re all praying for a speedy recovery for our Comandante,” self-confessed diehard chavista Glenda Colmenares said outside a church in central Caracas. “This is a difficult time for us but we have to have faith that Ch├ívez will be OK. Without him there is no revolution.”


An educated populace.

It is not a matter of wishing.  They believe.

Change?  Not when they are consumed by such ignorance.

Thankfully the man will be dead soon and they can get over their naivety.  Perhaps even grow up.


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