Wednesday, February 1, 2012

By the CNN Wire Staff

Flares are thrown in the stadium during clashes that erupted after a football match between Egypt's Al-Ahly and Al-Masry teams in Port Said.

Cairo (CNN) -- At least 73 people were killed when riots broke out after a soccer game Wednesday in Egypt, the country's deputy health minister said.

At least 180 others were injured in the riots, the deputy minister said.

The fighting occurred in a stadium in the northeastern city of Port Said after a match between the Al-Ahly team and Port Said's Al-Masry team.

"It's kind of a security vacuum in the football stadium. ... It's not unheard of to have organized violence between football clubs, but something on this scale has never been seen before," said James Montague, a CNN contributor who researched soccer in the Middle East for his book "When Friday Comes: Football in the War Zone."


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