Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bush and the SF Gate

A columnist for the SF wrote a colum online yesterday - Bush Deathwatch: Countdown! It's official: less than one year until history slaps Dubya to the curb. Can you feel the tingle.

No moron, its one year from January 20 at noon. At January 20, 2009, 9 am PDT, George W. Bush turns over the keys to the office of the president to the next person.

Get it right. I suppose all they need is the election to make them feel better, but what happens dear whack jobs if in your wildest nightmares, a Republican wins and given one may drop out for a lovechild problem, another may lose all four primaries, and the third has as his biggest platform a TV talk show host, George W may well leave office, but it isn't until the 20th and not one second before.

While the Constitution places no restraints upon a president in the last months, it is unlikely during that time that a president would create foreign policy that would place his predecessor under any restrictions.

January 20, 2009, 9 am PDT and not one second earlier. THATS OFFICIAL.

The columnist goes on and on but he does point out that the 'glorius collapse of the evangelical Christina right marches on apace, as Pat Robertson, now a dejected, lonely widower after the death of secret boy-toy husband Jerry Falwell ..."

What I loathe about the left is they conduct themselves with a holier than thou attitude in their condemnation, condescension, and criticism of the evangelical right - and the main attack since the 70s, on the right has been their holier than though attitude on religious issues, of which the left cannot take the mantle given they have no moral platform.

It is lost on me - I hate you because you are a holier than thou son of a gun and I am better than you because I am more open and accomodating and more tolerant ... I simply make libelous statements about people and think it is witty.

You are actually worse than the evangelicals - much worse, because you hate, they do it for other reasons.

The columnist adds the eloquent statement of excising Bush and his policies like a malignant turmor ... widely spread tumors ... he must mean like Bill Clinton and his lies ... in the weeks during and after Bill's crimes and misdemeanors, many a score of people in ordinary life around America began using his lies and excuses in Court. Whether students, fathers, husbands, neighbors, or defendants - all began the long malignancy. That is after all what a malignancy is - it infects the culture and alters otherwise good or sane behavior and causes bad or painful behavior.

I wish people would put their rhetoric on the shelf and stop with the non-sequitors.

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