Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Crazy Loons: Either the Ignorant Many or the Witless Oneders

Have you ever had someone screech at you - Donald Trump is destroying this country?

I have.

It was terribly sad to hear, because the first thoughts I had were something along the lines of - alien mush, scroop scroop, ri ri ri ... I was so angry and frustrated, sad, alone, and really annoyed all at the same time.

I wondered to myself - where was this person for the last 8 years when a president bowed to foreign potentates, made deals with North Korea to, in fact, kick the can to the next guy in the White House.  Where was this person where for 8 years, deals were made with Iran, secret payments of hundreds of millions, and billions were paid to Iran to 'in essence behave and not develop nuclear weapons' only to have Iran declare it would build nuclear weapons.  Where was this person where for 8 years half of America was ignored, called names, attacked, criticized, marginalized - for fear of being called racist or something even worse.  Where was this person when our national debt doubled - the amount Obama spent was equal to every administration/president who preceded him.  Where was this person when our economy was sluggishly moving up at less than 2%, while China was zooming away - even while we signed an agreement allowing China to grow faster while we were encumbered by global warming limits on emissions, all the while China spewed out more pollution and toxic emissions than probably close to the entire world combined.  Where was this person when our national spy agencies were spying on Americans?  Where?

Apparently worrying about the horrible life we would have under Trump.

Sorry.  It was already created by the time he got here.  He hasn't done anything except highlight how unhinged you all are. 

It is very sad when you have to refrain from any communication with someone because ... they are immature and ignorant of the reality and you cannot explain it to them because ... well, they are simply unable to grasp the reality.  Their lock-step mentality with witless millions on facebook or instagram ... makes me truly sad for this country.  Very sad.

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