Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Olympics End and nothing major fell apart

Brazil should be relieved.  They can let out a huge sigh of relief now that the Olympics have concluded.  There was no major war in Rio between the army, police, and gangs.  No major loss of life - just the odd body.  A few shootouts with the army did occur, and green water, sewage and such, but when living in Brazil, I assume this is to be expected.

NBC saw its revenues drop, viewers flee, ratings fall through the floor, and generally far fewer people wanting to watch a mess unfold. 

[An aside -  The Lochte story.  Only part of interest to me is the backstory or behind the scenes - why did the police watch the videos, and go searching for the CCTV cameras from wherever it was the swimmers were or went.  I would think, just me, if I report a crime occurring on the Black Canyon Highway at Bethany Home off ramp (Phoenix) that the police would investigate that area and not go to my home and check in my pool house in the back yard, and talk to my neighbors and the trash man.  That would seem to me to be the normal way one investigates - and in Brazil where robberies do occur very frequently and the general outline of where and how is the norm for that area - where taxi's routinely do not stop at red lights at night over fears of exactly what Lochte claimed happening.  I dunno, just an interesting question.]

In any case, I vote to return the Olympics to Greece where they should remain for the next 10 or so games, and then we can re-evaluate things. 

This would reduce the bribes, and make the IOC less of a graft organization.  It would allow for a controlled environment given the Olympics having been held there already ...

There are many reasons. 

The costs and investment - for so many countries who have infrastructure issues, spending $10-30 billion to host games that do not generate a profit ... while those funds could be used for the domestic infrastructure ... makes more sense.

When many countries who bid fall into autocratic or corrupt categories in almost every area of domestic and international discussion, why.  Why let a country who cannot afford the games, spend millions to bid, on something that will cost them billions and return nothing but debt to a country already riddled with debt.

Send them back to Greece.  Let the games stay there and maybe, become less political and less corrupt.

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