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BHO on BHO: Praising Himself.

Eric Golub
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 –

LOS ANGELES, January 25, 2011 – Once a year, Barack Obama likes to take time away from vacations and smaller speeches praising himself to offer a larger and longer speech where he praises himself.

This traditional annual event is the State of the Union, and it's purpose is for the President to address Congress, and via broadcast networks, the people of the United States with his "plans" for the upcoming year.

President Obama gave his 2012 State of the Union speech and it is not so much a blueprint for tomorrow as yet one more in a litany of speeches about what he can do and his momentous victories. During the SOTU, President Obama praised Iraq War veterans and then took his first victory lap about sixty-seconds into the speech, reminding the people that the Osama bin Laden capture was under his watch.

This was followed by meaningless words about how we should all work together when he is the one ripping us all apart. He is the Occupy Wall Street President who hurls invective at conservatives: Togetherness is "BO-code" for all of us shutting up and agreeing with him.

The President then launched into the class warfare nonsense, mentioning the word "fair" to indict successful people. He spent what seemed like forever discussing the problem despite not having a single solution, other than raising taxes.

There were words about people buying homes they could not afford without blaming Fannie, Freddie, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, or the homeowners believing they could purchase a $600,000 house on a $60,000, or less, income. Then he blamed George W. Bush for everything, which is simply a dishonest repurposing of an old, and tired, theme.

President Obama then bragged about his cutting the deficit, which is a myth. It is rising.

"The state of our union is getting stronger."
No, it is not.

"I will fight obstruction with action."
The translation meaning that the Constitution should be subverted when it becomes inconvenient.

"Renewal of American values"
Blah, blah, blah.

"We got workers and automakers to settle their differences."
The unions cheated the shareholders.

"General Motors is back on top as the world's #1 auto maker."
No, the Chevy Volt is a colossal failure. General 'Government' Motors is dead.

"Ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to this country."
Get rid of every Obama administration regulation. Barack Obama is killing business because he is anti-business.

Once again, President Obama advocated for raising taxes.

President Obama repeats that he wants to reward companies who do business here, but the best reward is to stop punishing them and for government to get out of the way so they can do business here.

There were self-congratulations for the signing of three free trade deals as one of this administration's achievements. However, he fails to mention that those free-trade deals were the result of work done by the Bush administration and that they were on his desk in 2009.

Yes, George W. Bush did all of the work. Barack Obama just wasted three years delaying implementation before taking credit.

Then came the announcement of a "trade enforcement unit.” Only Barack Obama could think announcing a new bureaucracy to do the job he already should be doing is progress.

President Obama wants people to be trained for new jobs. Who is doing the training and for what jobs?

Under President Obama's Solyndra initiative, people were trained to make solar panels that nobody wants or can afford. The panels and the workers are still unemployed.

Lest us not forget, while we review the achievements of the Obama Administration, that Solyndra received a $535 million dollar loan, issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Federal Financing bank, a loan at 1.025 percent. Or that Solyndra then went bankrupt, a bankruptcy that will make sure two of Solyndra’s largest investors, Argonaut Ventures I, L.L.C. and the GKFF Investment Company, LLC. both firms being investment vehicles of the George Kaiser Family Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Or that investor George Kaiser, Kaiser Argonaut Ventures, et al., the single largest shareholder of Solyndra, stands before you and I in getting "paid" back for their failed investment.

President Obama spoke about higher standards for teachers and learning, as if that will ever happen, announcing that school should be mandatory until graduation or age 18. This is a nightmarish idea that will destroy society.

Forcing students to show up does not mean they will actually learn, but it does mean those who want to will be shuttled to the side for those that have no interest.

Useless phrases like states should "do their part," meaning he will terrorize them if they do not play ball, peppered the SOTU.

President Obama then made the case why illegal immigrants should be given amnesty. He did not use the word amnesty because that would make people think he meant amnesty, although he really does mean amnesty.

Most people would favorably consider citizenship for military service, but not free tuition when our own children are saddled with debt. Most people would consider many a reasonable solution to the problem of illegal immigration, stopping short of blanket amnesty and benefits programs that do not take care of the American people first.

Barack Obama refuses to split those items. He is inflexible and blames others for his being an ideologue.

Popular talking points like "Women should earn equal pay for equal work," are useless because who could disagree with this? It is also wrong to kill baby seals with baseball clubs. So what? Stating what we all know, the obvious is what makes the State of the Union the State of the Useless.

Then he blathered about "innovation in American made energy."

The President spoke about making it easier on the oil industry and making us less dependent on foreign oil saying he wants a country powered by 'green' energy. So he talks about green energy while neglecting to mention Solyndra and the billions of dollars wasted on the failed green movement. He claims to support natural gas initiatives while he is actually against them. He also did not mention the Keystone Pipeline, the jobs lost, or Canada's opening doors to China after President Obama slammed them shut.

"We do not have to choose between our environment and our economy."

The Obama administration already has chosen his position on creating energy jobs, allowing further economic collapse because he cares more about radical environmentalism than creating jobs. There is no green energy; it does not exist. All energy creates a carbon footprint.

"Some companies fail."

By some he means all of them.

"I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy."

This means we will continue to throw money down into a sewer. Oil actually works. He wants to spend money on what has never and will never work.

He mentions that Congress should set a market for innovation. The problem is that Congress does not set markets. Markets set themselves. He does not understand this because he has never been a part of the free market.

"Give businesses incentives to upgrade their buildings."

Have Barack Obama get out of the way and there will be plenty to invest.

"No bailouts, no handouts, no copouts."

Thus said the king of bailouts, handouts, and copouts. President Obama is the Government Motors, food stamp loving, blame everyone else leader that wants more rules to prevent financial fraud. This is because the ones he implemented have failed. Please note, that Jon Corzine or MF Global was not a part of what the Administration "did."

He said for the billionth time he would eliminate rules that "don't make sense." Yet he is the person who decides what makes sense and what does not and who is making most of the rules. In his world Obamacare and Dodd-Frank make sense.

For everyone else, they don't.

He claimed we need regulations to help oil companies contain oil spills. Accidents happen. He has absolutely no way to prevent accidents. Nor do regulations.

He criticizes people who pressure people into purchases they cannot afford while not mentioning people like Barney Frank who pressure companies into offering the products to begin with.

He wants a new unit led by Eric Holder to investigate the crooks behind the housing crisis. Eric Holder? Mr. Fast and Furious? Again, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd were the problem. Somebody should investigate why Eric Holder still has a job.

President Obama speaks about two trillion in "cuts." There are no cuts. There is only slowing the rate of growth.

The tale of Warren Buffett and his secretary with regards to tax rates got a rousing response, however dividends and capital gains are not the same as ordinary income. Dividends and capital gains were already taxed when earned, hence the lower tax rate that folks like Buffett, or Romney, pay.

Barack Obama could lower the tax rate on ordinary income rather than raise capital gains tax rates. Yet then he would not have other people's wealth to redistribute.

Raising taxes on job creators is not the way to help the economy. "We don't begrudge financial success in this country."

Herein lies the problem, because yes, President Obama does begrudge the financial success of anyone making over $250,000.00 per year. He laments about tax cuts raising the deficit while his "program" spending is what actually increases the deficit and the debt.

President Obama then spoke about the "corrosive influence of money in politics," without revealing that reports are that he will be raising in excess of one billion dollars for his reelection.

He wants to reduce the influence peddling in Congress. After all, it should stay contained in the White House.

He complained about sixty votes in the Senate needed to get things done. He wants to stop this. George Washington wanted the system we have now. This is not gridlock. It is the system working. Barack Obama wants dictatorial power similar to governments in Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Then he piously talked about "lowering the temperature."

Barack Obama is a race-baiter, class-baiter, gender-baiter, and ideological leftist who has referred to conservative Republicans as hostage takers merely for disagreeing with him on issues such as taxes.

On issue after issue, he discusses how everyone else can work toward a solution where he is often the core of the problem.

"With or without this Congress, I will keep taking actions to help this economy grow."

This is called dictatorship. This is not coming together. This is him saying that unless everyone bends to his iron will, he will do as he d@mn well pleases.

President Obama spoke about Iraq and Afghanistan, but barely mentioned Iran, not liking to discuss his many foreign policy failures.

President Obama praised himself for capturing Khadafi despite the fact that his "leading from behind" protracted the "kinetic conflict" that he insisted was not a war.

President Obama insisted Assad would be gone in Syria, which is a platitude and not a policy.

President Obama actually stated that his diplomacy has united the world against Iran. This is delusional. He claimed that America will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and that all options were on the table. Sorry, but Barack Obama is not John Bolton.

"If Iran changes course..."

For the love of all things holy, Iran is not going to change course. This is the same 2009 nonsense about them unclenching their fist.

He threw in an obligatory line about Israel's security so that liberal Jews like Charles Schumer and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can continue kissing his feet and carrying his water.

"America is back."

No, America is in deep trouble. This is why Barack Obama must be fired.

"Opinions of America are higher than they have been in years."

This is simply not true. The world laughs at us and has zero regard for what they see as a weak American leader.

At no time during his hour plus speech did he actually say what he planned to do if given a second term. Nor did President Obama talk about Obamacare or other failures of his first term, or what he would do to change those failures. Failures we can accept, but what do we do to fix them next time around?

So the basic message of his speech is that even though he does virtually nothing, and what little he does he gets wrong, he should be reelected because he loves himself and his power?

President Obama offered zero rationale for electing him to another term. His supporters worship him and make excuses for him.

Barack Obama wants a divided nation. He does not want teamwork or neighbors loving each other. He wants to find scapegoats so that he can confiscate their earned gains and give it those he favors.

The speech was the State of the Useless because he is useless. America will be better when he stops talking and retires to Illinois, as there is no reason for him to stay in Washington, DC. In terms of actual real work, this lazy man who lets everyone else work hard does virtually nothing. What little he does, he does badly.

That is why the state of our union could be much stronger. He is the weak link in the America chain, and no amount of pep rally nonsense will change the facts on the ground.

When Barack Obama is replaced with an individual who actually knows how to do things, the state of the American union will be much stronger.


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