Saturday, December 29, 2007

World Opinion - Partie Une

We have a very large country with over 300 million people living at any given time, within our borders. According to recent accounts, we add one new person every 30 seconds, and that is not from birth increases.

We have many opinions in this country on every subject. We also, a few, watch Jerry Springer, and maybe a few still believe Elvis is alive, UFOs fly our friendly skies, bigfoot, creatures from middle earth transforming into what appears to be earthlings, all the way over the ledge with the 9/11 conspiracies. We do have our share of fruitcakes, nuts, fools, idiots, and retarded rodeo clowns, BUT that number, of the whole, is insignificant statistically. 1% or 2% of a population at any given time is irrelevant as to what their opinions are and we tend, generally, as Americans, to be middle-of-the-roaders (not to be mistaken for middle -earthers although the US is or could be in the middle of the earth depending on ones perspective. The number of fools and idiots, nuts, and fruitcakes who believe the nonsense listed above are deserving of a strong suggestion that they not reproduce, for all our sakes.

That is generally how Americans regard idiocy.

Then we have the flavorful retarded rodeo clowns who run around screaming and hissing about repairing American relations around the world. One presidential candidate said they would immediately send two former presidents on a round-the-world tour to tell the world we are back (and open for business I presume) and work very hard to repair relations with all the nations of the world that have, for seven or eight years been trampled upon. One of those candidates suggested that we "U.S divert aid away from its military to social welfare programs."

Hmmm. The fool who should never be permitted near senate hearings and especially not near the WH again knows full well what I will explicate in the following sentences in an especially humorous fictional dialogue: Her: Yes, Mushie, we are a bit concerned about your stance on human rights and murder so the money we normally send to you we want spent on social programs only or we won't send it to you. Do you accept this condition? Mushie: We of course will do whatever your majesty thinks we should because we wish to rebuild relations and telling us, placing conditions on things is the most naturally friendly thing one friend can do to another.

Mushie then calls his aide in to the office. Mushie: Aide, How much do we get from the US now? Aide: Give or take, nearly three quarters of a billion. How much is military? Aide: About 1/2. Mushie: Ok, divert 400 million from social programs to our military programs effective the day we get the funding from the US.
Mushie to HRH: Madam, of course we accept the condition, we will only use money to help and we understand the seriousness.

A wise owl would ask - who are these nations we must repair relations with. Anyone who does not ask that question is neither wise nor very useful, instead they play to rhetoric and the retarded rodeo clown mentality (aka Jerry Springer guests).

So who are they, these esteemed nations we must work so hard to rebuild relations with???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Today we work on Pakistan, tomorrow the world:

It goes without question as to the facts. On December 27, 2007, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto died in the city Rawalpindi after a campaign speech. A man then blew himself up and in the process, up to twenty individuals may have been killed.

End of facts.

Instinct - Al Qaida.

Truth - unlikely but always remains a possibility.

The problem is the government, doctors, army, investigators ... pretty much, the problem is everyone.

My simple chronology - Someone wanted Bhutto dead. While Al Qaida would be the first suspect, they have denied involvement. Why does that matter - because Al Qaida NEVER denies when it does something. In over six years, Al Qaida never once denied its involvement in the attacks of Sepetember 11. It never denied the attacks in Spain or London. They take credit when they commit an act - it is honorable and respectable. To deny what one has done is to deny ones faith for one acted on ones belief, to then deny it, would be to deny ones faith. It is not that I do not think every al qaida member should die a most painful death and spend eternity in hell with Jeffrey Dahlmer, but I do not disbelieve them when they say something. Much different than when the pakistani government says anything.

So Al Qaida did not kill her, they may be happy a pro-US very likely next Prime Minister of Pakistan is dead, but they didn't do it. The most likely suspects, those who benefit, those most afraid - the government/military.

So - the government / military recruit someone, maybe a retarded rodeo clown who believes he is saving Pakistan, shoots Bhutto twice, misses once, then detonates a bomb on his body. The bomb has the effect of leaving no evidence, given the twenty or so people whose DNA is spread all over the area mixed with the killers DNA. Given who it is looking into this murder, they will never figure out what DNA even is let alone who belongs to what DNA.

Immediately we were told she had been shot once in the abdomen and once in the neck.

Bhutto was immediately taken to a hospital where the best and brightest of Pakistani medicine attempted to save her life conducting several procedures to save her life. The chief medical doctor stated categorically that Bhutto had not been shot, but rather she had been killed by shrapnel from the suicide bomber.

So follow the path: a guy starts shooting, none hit Bhutto, after shot 1 and 2, she ducks. Shot three, then detonation. While she is ducking into car, the third shot, then detonation and she is hit with sharpnel BUT NO ONE ELSE in the car is injured. yep. Makes sense to me !!


The next day, we are told she died from bumping her head on a sun roof lever.

Brigadier Cheema said: "We gave you absolute facts... corroborated by the doctors' report."

We wait around long enough and the video appears with the bullet shots. Wait longer and the people in the car will tell us as they did the same day that their car was covered in blood as was the vehicle behind them and all the people in the car .... from a bump on her head!

We then heard from the government that they intercepted a secret message from al qaida, admitting to the crime, then al qaida denied it publicly ... then we hear from the person/s who cleaned Bhutto's body for burial ... bullet wounds, hole in her head, entrance and exit wounds, huge holes.

But the government - "We gave you absolute facts... corroborated by the doctors' report."

The government says a gunman fired three shots that missed the opposition leader, before blowing himself up. It says Ms. Bhutto died after the force of the blast caused her to hit her head against the lever on the sunroof of her car.

Pakistan's Interior Ministry spokesman Javed Cheema says Benazir Bhutto was killed after smashing her head on her car's sunroof while trying to duck, and that no bullet or shrapnel was found inside her during a press conference in Islamabad, 28 Dec 2007

A surgeon who treated her, Dr Mussadiq Khan, said earlier she may have died from a shrapnel wound.

On Friday, Interior Ministry spokesman Javed Cheema told journalists the assailant was from al-Qaida, and the terrorist group was bent on destroying the nation.
"We have irrefutable evidence that al-Qaida, its networks, and cohorts are trying to destabilize Pakistan which is in the forefront of the war against terrorism," said Cheema.

Al qaida denied any involvement.

Not that irrefutable evidence is given by spectators, but
One of the most direct reports has come from Getty picture agency photographer John Moore, who had been covering the rally all day.
As he was preparing to leave, he told the London newspaper The Guardian, he was "shocked" to notice that Ms Bhutto was standing out of her car's sunroof waving to supporters as her vehicle slowly pushed its way through the crowds.
He continued: "As this happened, I was aware of Bhutto ducking back into the car and heard at least two gunshots. I picked up my camera unaware of exactly what was happening.

Another eyewitness - also unnamed - was even closer: "We were standing right in front of her. In that instant a young man, fair, about 20 to 21 years of age, he fired a Kalashnikov aiming at BB [Bhutto].

"This was the best we could do," he added. "There were four other people travelling with her in the same vehicle... if she had stayed down she would be safe, as all four of them are absolutely scratch-free.

This did not convince some of her aides at the scene, who said she died from two bullet wounds. Meanwhile, a surgeon who treated her believed she had died from the impact of shrapnel to her head.

"There was a clear bullet wound at the back of the neck. It went in one direction and came out another... My entire car is coated with her blood, my clothes, everybody - so she did not concuss her head against the sun roof."

Citing what it said was an intercepted phone call, the interior ministry said Benazir Bhutto's killing had been ordered by an "al-Qaeda leader", Baitullah Mehsud.

Brigadier Cheema said: "We gave you absolute facts... corroborated by the doctors' report."

On 12/31 on CNN, Athar Minallah, who serves on the board that manages Rawalpindi General Hospital made an interesting statement / observation: There is a state within the state, and that state within the state does not want itself to be held accountable.

Who and what this state is, is quite interesting and well worth outsiders reading up on - including the daft Michael Moore and other useless idiots on the left.

Liars, thieves, murderers.

My question, so oft asked - why do some fools in this country care what the rest of the world thinks of US on any subject? The rest of the world should be concerned with what we think of them, not the other way around.

(This was updated 12/31)

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